easy monochrome

I was all prepared to take outfit photos in the all black ensemble I’ve been basically living in the last week, but the weather pulled a fast one on me again and it was just too warm for all black everything, with boots and a leather jacket. Instead, I decided to shoot one of my go-to outfits from this last summer, an easy monochrome look that looks just polished enough, without screaming that you tried too hard.

I never was a flats person, but I bought these at Buffalo exchange recently, and I’m kind of obsessed. They’re not the best for biking in because there isn’t much to them, but that’s okay. I’m not usually a small bag carrier either, but lately I’ve been trying to force myself to stop carrying a backpack and essentially downsize all the nonsense I carry around with me (literally and figuratively).

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Ever have one of those really chill days where you didn’t do anything majorly exciting, but you still end the day just feeling so full?? That’s how this last Saturday went down. I spent the day hanging out with a new friend for the first time, and it was one of the most laid back, pleasant kinda days I’ve had in a while. I didn’t realize till putting this post together that I didn’t take that many pictures, but I think I was too busy living ~in the moment~. Shout out mother nature for giving us this Indian summer weather lately!

indian summerLittle Baby’s.

coffee –>
ice cream (duh) –>
cross-city bike rides to pho (to offset the cold) –>
Halloween shopping  –>
cross-city bike rides for rooftop sunset hangs  –>
end of the night tacos

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I’d been struggling trying to find the words to express why I’ve been missing for the last month, and part of it’s been because I always want my blog to stay honest and true to myself, and for it to truly reflect what’s happening in my life. I struggled so hard that I actually tried to make a video for you guys, because I thought it’d be easier! Joke’s on me though, most of my videos ended up with screen grabs like this because I couldn’t take myself seriously (how do youtubers DO that??):

sage awaysage away

I know I could’ve posted recipes and DIYs as if nothing happened, but it wouldn’t have been real if I skipped over the important parts, ya know? In reality, a week after my NYC mishap, someone broke into my apartment by crawling through my window and robbed me. Frankly, it messed me up a bit. Not only did I lose my laptop with irreplaceable pictures, I lost my sense of security in a place that was once my own. I’ve definitely developed some sort of anxiety as well where every unfamiliar creak sends me spiraling into a panic that someone who doesn’t belong is trying to get in, and I can’t sleep unless I’ve triple checked my doors (and even then, it’s not always the soundest).

Within the mess of trying to find the proper words to share everything with you all, this past Saturday I realized: despite this being one of the most trying times I’ve dealt with, I haven’t had a drink in one month. View Post

that tie dye

I promised that I planned on getting more personal here, and part of that means I want to share more of me (duh). I’m not going to stop with my DIY or recipe posts, but I see no reason why I can’t expand to share even more!

My boyfriend had expressed interest in potentially learning how to use a camera a couple times since we’ve been together (particularly because I collect cameras), and I figured why not take advantage of the opportunity? I mean, everyone wants an “instagram boyfriend” right?!? I kid, I kid (but, seriously). It really gives you a lot more leeway in what you share when you have someone else that knows how to set up a shot properly, or is just able to get you on the move in a way that a tripod really can’t. Ya feel? Despite some teeth pulling, I’d say his first real effort at helping me with my vision was a success!

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Ok, I guess a “little” hiatus turned into a long one, oops!! I didn’t realize when moving into a new place that you should set up an appointment to get internet before moving, because everyone else will be scrambling to re-connect as well. Lesson learned (with the longest week of silence, whoa)!

BUT I’M BACK NOW! And I’m hoping to change some things.

Not that I wasn’t being true to myself before, but I’ve decided I definitely have room to get more personal up in here… so I’m gonna. I don’t mean you’ll hear about Aunt Flo (I’ve never called a period that, ever) or anything too weird, but I realized I was being more candid and open about my life on my instagram than I was here, and it only makes sense for everything to line up. Lately it seems like I’m always doing something, and I see no reason to not bring others along with me~

I’m going to keep to a schedule of posting Wednesdays and Saturdays from now on, unless I specify otherwise (via twitter or instagram), so be sure to check back next week once everything is finally in full swing again! ♥


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In case you’re new here, at the end of every month I try to do a photo roundup of some pictures I’ve taken. I somehow forgot about my post rounding-up May (oops!), but you can see the months before that here! This month was a little stressful (guys, finding a house is crazy business) so I don’t think I took as many pictures as I’d normally have liked to. I will say though, SO MANY of my days this month have been spent outside. I’m so dang glad it’s finally warm enough to get out and about, am I right?


june roundup

• watching Steve take photos for a secret project

• a random tree in South Philly

june roundup

• the plant decor in Anthropologie!

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Sometimes life calls for impromptu breaks where you just want to text a new friend, rent a car, and escape the city for some nature; so you do. Yesterday was definitely one of those days for me. The weather was gorgeous and I didn’t feel like wasting it between all the stone buildings, trying to soak up my bit of sun while nestled in Rittenhouse with over a hundred other people.

We took a lazy drive out to the suburbs and ended up eating a late lunch in a little park I’d visited often while in high school. After watching a group of people disappear into the tree line, we decided to follow and explore! Here’s a little glance at some highlights from our nature walk:

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In case you missed it in March, I added a feature where at the end of every month I’m round up a handful of photos to offer insight into what I’ve been up to for the month that just passed. This time around, I tried to snag mostly pictures that hadn’t been featured on my instagram (you should def follow me if you aren’t already~). As you may have picked up from past posts, I took a huge trip this month to Kenya (!!!), so there’s definitely a lot of pictures from there on here this time around.

april photo roundup

• an appetizer from Trout Tree in Nairobi, Kenya

• mural I saw on my walk home in South Philadelphia

april photo roundup

• view on our way to our safari in Samburu, Kenya

• the Alba Meru, where we stayed in Meru, Kenya

april photo roundup

• gluten free cacio e pepe I shared on snapchat

• weeds that I found beautiful (lookit that texture!)

april photo roundup

• my little sister during our safari

• a still life I pass daily in South Philadelphia

april photo roundup

• a view we passed in Meru, Kenya, near the hotel

• PIZZA! in Kenya! it was kinda doughy but still good

April was definitely a big month, if only because of the trip we took. I’m going to do a (likely multi-part) big post on it all, but guys, I traveled something like 30 hours to get there. How crazy is that?! I think almost every picture I took on my phone there I also took on my camera, just because I was afraid of missing anything!

I also noticed this past month that I really tried to notice the beauty in little things (the weed picture for example). I’d like to do a bigger post in the future and expand on this phrase (as well as highlight some pointers for editing and finding it), but there’s definitely beauty everywhere depending how you crop your view.


How did April treat you?