6 months into 276 months into 27

Happy half birthday to me! As of today I’m officially 6 months into being 27. That said, I’ve been reflecting a lot lately, on who I am, what I’ve accomplished, and how I see my future.

Before this year, thinking on this would’ve given me such anxiety and stress that I would’ve completely avoided the thought at all; living with my head in the sand, floating along, was usually the better option. Before I moved into the city, I used to satiate that feeling of not knowing what I wanted by spending my free time driving around. Once here, I took to walking everywhere instead, then biking (once I could afford a bike) pretty much everywhere I could reach. I think all people do this sort of wandering through life; sometimes in a bottle, sometimes in other people. I just happened to do it in the literal sense. View Post


speak up


I don’t like to share a lot of wordy posts in a row, but I’ve noticed a trend within the last few days of bloggers and other influencers purposely not discussing politics and the current state of our country on their blogs/associated profiles, particularly because they don’t want to “alienate” certain audiences. I don’t agree with this. Because it felt as though the country was in a day of mourning the first day following our election results, I understand and agree that it felt weird promoting any sort of posts. To continue on with your head in the sand and push others to not acknowledge, because they might lose followers? No. I think maintaining silence will alienate people more.

I think it’s important now more than ever for those of us with an amplified voice to maintain our vocal support and to really be talking. If you don’t think that hate is pouring over into our country right now, just take a look at Shaun King’s facebook, where you can see every few hours a new incident being posted. This alone was in my city.

There is no shame in wanting to share your Christmas wish lists (I’ll be doing the same!) and your product roundups, I get the need to make money, but you need to remember who your followers are. Some of them are experiencing intense fear for the lives and what’s to come, as well as hate speech and hate crimes.

If this loses me followers, then so be it, that is not the audience I want to gather.

I support the POC, the LGBTQ, the minorities, the immigrants and refugees (and those whose parents are these), the women who fear for their reproductive rights. I support the people who are afraid to walk down the street, to leave their house, the ones hurting badly right now. I’m here to speak up if and when you need me to, and I’m here to listen when you need me to. We cannot be silent in the face of oppression, because in doing so, we are supporting the oppressors. Remember that.

speak up

You can find a list of organizations that likely need your donations and support now more than ever, HERE.

easy monochrome

I was all prepared to take outfit photos in the all black ensemble I’ve been basically living in the last week, but the weather pulled a fast one on me again and it was just too warm for all black everything, with boots and a leather jacket. Instead, I decided to shoot one of my go-to outfits from this last summer, an easy monochrome look that looks just polished enough, without screaming that you tried too hard.

I never was a flats person, but I bought these at Buffalo exchange recently, and I’m kind of obsessed. They’re not the best for biking in because there isn’t much to them, but that’s okay. I’m not usually a small bag carrier either, but lately I’ve been trying to force myself to stop carrying a backpack and essentially downsize all the nonsense I carry around with me (literally and figuratively).

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Ever have one of those really chill days where you didn’t do anything majorly exciting, but you still end the day just feeling so full?? That’s how this last Saturday went down. I spent the day hanging out with a new friend for the first time, and it was one of the most laid back, pleasant kinda days I’ve had in a while. I didn’t realize till putting this post together that I didn’t take that many pictures, but I think I was too busy living ~in the moment~. Shout out mother nature for giving us this Indian summer weather lately!

indian summerLittle Baby’s.

coffee –>
ice cream (duh) –>
cross-city bike rides to pho (to offset the cold) –>
Halloween shopping  –>
cross-city bike rides for rooftop sunset hangs  –>
end of the night tacos

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I’d been struggling trying to find the words to express why I’ve been missing for the last month, and part of it’s been because I always want my blog to stay honest and true to myself, and for it to truly reflect what’s happening in my life. I struggled so hard that I actually tried to make a video for you guys, because I thought it’d be easier! Joke’s on me though, most of my videos ended up with screen grabs like this because I couldn’t take myself seriously (how do youtubers DO that??):

sage awaysage away

I know I could’ve posted recipes and DIYs as if nothing happened, but it wouldn’t have been real if I skipped over the important parts, ya know? In reality, a week after my NYC mishap, someone broke into my apartment by crawling through my window and robbed me. Frankly, it messed me up a bit. Not only did I lose my laptop with irreplaceable pictures, I lost my sense of security in a place that was once my own. I’ve definitely developed some sort of anxiety as well where every unfamiliar creak sends me spiraling into a panic that someone who doesn’t belong is trying to get in, and I can’t sleep unless I’ve triple checked my doors (and even then, it’s not always the soundest).

Within the mess of trying to find the proper words to share everything with you all, this past Saturday I realized: despite this being one of the most trying times I’ve dealt with, I haven’t had a drink in one month. View Post