My go to overnight oats recipe. Simple, yet delicious, and ready for you when you're running out the door in the morning! Click through to read >>

My go to overnight oats recipe. Simple, yet delicious.

I’ve been obsessed with making this overnight oats recipe for a minute now, and kind of surprised I never shared the recipe with y’all. It’s super simple, and I love that I can put everything together in two minutes before heading to bed, and have something ready for me first thing in the morning! I’d love to pretend I’m one of those people that gets up and makes myself breakfast every day, but let’s be real: I’ll snooze until the last possible second, and then sleep more.

I bet so many of you are the same, so this is definitely a recipe worth knowing how to make! Overnight oats are fairly versatile in that you can add or remove pretty much whatever you want, spare the oats and your choice of milk. View Post

Super easy oatmeal banana bites, perfect for a quick breakfast or snack, or for baking with kids! Vegan AND gluten-free! Click through for recipe >>Super easy oatmeal banana bites, perfect for a quick breakfast or snack, or for baking with kids! Vegan AND gluten-free! Click through for recipe >>

Super easy oatmeal banana bites, perfect for a quick breakfast or snack, or for baking with kids! Vegan AND gluten-free! Click through for recipe >>

You know when you find that one recipe and fall so in love with it that you cook the same thing a dozen times in one week? Well, this has been that recipe for me. If you follow me on instagram, I’m sure you saw when I shared them here, and know that they’ve been all up in my instastories. Honestly, I just cooked a version with coconut added while putting this post together, ha!

I actually found this recipe by accident when my mom shared this video on facebook, and was surprised to find I had all the ingredients needed on hand to recreate it. After modifying the original recipe to be gluten free, then added my usual go to ingredients (hellooo cinnamon and flax seeds!), I’ve found that what I’m sharing below is my favorite combo.

I’m legit obsessed with how quickly I can make these (seriously, 30 minutes max), that there’s no fuss ingredients, and that I won’t feel guilty when I inevitably devour everything. It’s also just kind of fun to make little additions, like peanut butter, shredded coconut, or crushed walnuts. Give the recipe a try, and let me know what you come up with!

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gluten free pancakes

Okay y’all, I’m the first to admit living that gluten-free life is hard. As someone who just gets bloaty stomach aches when they eat gluten, it’s a struggle to stay away from something that tastes good (aka bread). To make my life easier/less painful, I’ve been trying to throw myself into finding new recipes for old faves, in hopes that eventually I’ll just know how to cook everything in a gluten-free version. It’ll probably be a long crawl, but the only way to move is forward, right??

I decided to keep it simple with breakfast and make some gluten free pancakes. There’s been a “healthy version” of pancakes going around in the blogging scene for a while now that basically consists of combining mashed banana with egg whites and cooking them. While I don’t think they’re awful if you want something quick, I wanted to make something a bit more substantial. Blending the rolled oats (I used these gluten free ones*, but you can use regular oats if your gut allows it) as well as the greek yogurt made the pancakes feel dense, and the banana and egg definitely helped hold everything together! Definitely feels like more of a meal than egg whites and bananas do! Plus, the yogurt adds an extra punch of protein; all around a healthy win I’d say. View Post

Matcha power smoothie, created to get you going and keep you going. Click through for recipe >>
Matcha power smoothie, created to get you going and keep you going. Click through for recipe >>

matcha power smoothie
Lately I’ve been on a full on caffeine bender. Every once in a while I find myself going overboard, and that’s usually when I need to double check what’s going on in my life (hello, why am I trading sleep for double shots of espresso?!?) and re-evaluate. I just told you all in my post on being productive that you need to treat yourself better, so I decided to start doing just that! Step one: find something to replace my coffee with.

I talked about how great matcha is a while back, but totally forgot all about it until I started digging through my kitchen cabinets. It’s a straight up wonder ingredient, so I decided to combine it with some of my other favorite ingredients to make a well rounded power smoothie. This is something that should definitely get you going first thing in the morning, but I could see it being a great afternoon pick-me-up as well.

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healthy egg sald

healthy egg salad

Okay I can’t even lie, before I’d made this I’d never eaten egg salad before. I’ve always associated egg salad with a gross mayo-filled gas station sandwich and there was just never any appeal. Last month when I was in the Toronto airport coming back from Paris I saw those sandwiches at every little side-kiosk, and texted my sister asking if I was wrong about my assumption, and if they actually tasted like deviled eggs on a sandwich. Now that was something I could get behind.

I basically became obsessed with trying egg salad, but because I really just don’t mess with mayo (seriously, just look at it guys), I decided to take it a healthier route. After a little trial and error I came up with this recipe, sans mayo, just for you. Let me know what you think!

Healthy Avocado Egg Salad

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Easy DIY coffee and charcoal face scrub that cleans, exfoliates, and firms your skin. Click through to read how to make it! >>Easy DIY coffee and charcoal face scrub that cleans, exfoliates, and firms your skin. Click through to read how to make it! >>

coffee charcoal face scrub

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Has anyone else been having a rough time with the effects of the weather on their skin lately?? The constant rollercoaster of temperatures has been doing a huge disservice for me and leaving me with crazy combination skin, so I decided to try to whip something together to make me feel better.

I don’t know if any of you remember those Frank. scrubs that were going around a couple years back, but I partially put this together with those in mind (basically, the part where you use coffee grounds as a skincare ingredient). While I intended to use this on my face, there’s just so much goodness in each part of this recipe that there’s really no reason to not just smother yourself with it so you can get the full body experience, ya know? I think tripling the recipe would be sufficient for covering your whole body.

(I actually love how good everything makes my skin feel so much, that I used two of the ingredients from this scrub in my most popular mask, here.)

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smoked mozzarella salad

I wanted to make a cheesy joke about how the first time I shopped at Whole Foods Market it was love at first bite, but I couldn’t quite sort the logistics. Either way, if you’ve ever been to Whole Foods, you know what I mean; it’s the Target of grocery stores. You have no idea what healthy food you bought, but you somehow dropped your entire paycheck, am I right? Well they just put the most AMAZING (please imagine me shouting when you read that, but seriously, A-MAZE-ING) Whole Foods store four blocks from my house in Philadelphia and I’ll never have money anymore, but I’m gonna be so dang well-fed.

I think one of my favorite things about shopping there is the salad bar and prepackaged foods up near the check-out area, which are super handy for when I just don’t feel like cooking. The smoked mozzarella salad is my favorite item to purchase (and eat), but I had to give it up when I decided to commit to gluten-free life (is that a hashtag? #glutenfreelife). I decided to recreate it with gluten-free penne, and I’m beyond stoked to share it. The original recipe from the store includes spinach, but I always pick that out so I didn’t include it.

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summer salad

If you follow me on instagram you saw that I went out to eat at Capofitto the other day. While there we tried their Capra salad, and I fell in love (I also fell in love with their pizza, seriously go try it if you’re in Philly).

Since eating out can get stupid expensive, I took it upon myself to recreate it (with some artistic liberties). I think this super easy dish will be my go to summer salad, and is likely to be a refreshing hit with others! I think the flavor combination is amazing; combining the bitterness of the arugula with the savory goat cheese and the salty pancetta, not to mention the crunch of the sunflower seeds.

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