DIY: turmeric yogurt face mask

Cleansing and refreshing turmeric and greek yogurt face mask, helps to brighten your skin while healing blemishes! Click through to read >>

turmeric yogurt face mask

The last time I shared a face mask post it ended up being a hit (and one of my most popular posts), so I figured why not do another? I’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with different homemade masks, and this time was no different. This mask is super cleansing and gets deep down in your skin with moisturize so you glow (I swear, my skin looked so good). All the ingredients are natural too, so you know there’s no crazy chemicals messing with ya. Here’s some of the benefits these ingredients offer:

  • Greek yogurt has lactic acid, which dissolves dead skin cells and helps boost collagen in deep layers of your skin, helping you look young and fresh.
  • Turmeric is good for treating acne because of it’s antiseptic and antibacterial properties, helps regulate the amount of oil your face produces, AND helps stimulate cell growth.
  • Honey pulls moisture from the air and helps it get deep into the layers of your skin, while its enzymes help clarify your pores.

Basically, this mask is gonna help clear up your skin then keep you looking fresh and young. Honestly, if you don’t love it I think you made it wrong.

turmeric yogurt face mask



• 2 T greek yogurt
• 1/2 tsp turmeric
•  1 tsp honey


•  Combine ingredients, slather on face!
•  Let sit till dry, then remove.

turmeric yogurt face mask

Let me know in the comments if you test out the mask,
I’d love to hear about your experience!

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  1. Rachel Osborn May 13, 2016 / 2:32 pm

    I’ve heard turmeric is great for the skin!

    • May 13, 2016 / 2:46 pm

      It’s amazing all around! I shared an anti-inflammatory turmeric milk in the past that’s probably one of my favorite recipes.

  2. Susan in the Boonies May 22, 2016 / 1:40 pm

    I’d actually like to try this. Have always wondered if masks actually do any good.

  3. saragiboney April 26, 2017 / 11:25 am

    I need to do this! I love that you know exactly what’s going on your skin – no toxins or chemicals.

  4. Stephanie | vimandvigor April 26, 2017 / 12:05 pm

    I love this! a part of me wants to put this on my face and another part of me wants to eat it haha pinned!

  5. Andrea April 26, 2017 / 7:21 pm

    Love this! I´m definitely giving this mask a try! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. Abigail Leggate April 27, 2017 / 9:30 am

    So I have really been wanting to try this!!!! It looks awesome

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