My favorite holistic health hacks, to help get you looking and feeling better without modern medicine.

My top holistic hacks for better health.

Hope y’all had an amazing Halloweekend/fresh start of the month! This weirdo weekend/week combo with nearly 5 days of celebration combined with the new month starting mid-week has me feeling super out of wack. Not only that, I’ve found that everyone around me is starting to feel the effects of this bizarre weather that’s been coming in waves (#globalwarming).

Rather than just share a few of my fave tips for boosting your immune system when it’s feeling run down, I decided to stack up my top go to holistic health hacks. I’ve noticed a big rise in my generation choosing to reach for natural options over modern medicine, and with health insurance prices getting as insane as they are (ps, scoop that enrollment window while you can), it’s not all that surprising!
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Easy DIY seashell crown, perfect for the girl who wants to be a mermaid.

Anyone else kind of suck when it comes to costumes? Do you also end up resorting to a black cat or a skeleton every year because it’s easy (and everything you own is black)? No?

While scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration a while back I stumbled upon mermaid crowns. Some were ridiculously complex, some were dainty and delicate, but all had the same basis: a whole lot of shells. I had never considered trying to dress up as a mermaid for Halloween, but I was so drawn to how dreamy all the tiaras looked (and how easy it seemed like they’d be to make), that it was worth a try!

All together, the crown took me maybe two hours to put together (streaming movies from here slowed me down). Paired just right with a fish hook earring, soft waves, blue makeup, and some netting, and you’ve got yourself a mermaid queen.

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Halloween is just around the corner, and because it took until mid-October for the weather to kind of catch up to the season here in Philly, it’s been hard to get into the “spooky” mood. Not only does it feel like summer out there, it doesn’t make sense that we’re at the end of the year. How? What?!? To help us get into the Halloween spirit, my friends and I took a trip to Linvilla Orchards yesterday to snag some pumpkins and check out the festivities. I used to go with family when I was a kid, and I definitely remember the maze being much bigger!

I’m pretty sure the highlight of our day was the apple launcher, but getting to feed and pet deer came in at a close second. Y’all, their noses are nothing like any animal’s nose I’ve seen before. Scroll down for a few photos from the trip, and a little list I put together for ya! View Post

Raw vegan carrot + date bites, easy to make, easy to eat! Click through for recipe.

Raw vegan carrot + date bites, easy to make, easy to eat! Click through for recipe.

Anyone else really start suffering when the weather changes?? Fall has slowly been trickling in over here in Philadelphia, and I can just feel my body trying to fight off a cold. I’ve been loading up on whole foods and golden milk, but would love to hear from y’all in the comments below with any other immune-booster suggestions!

Speaking of whole foods, I recently discovered Thunderbird Real Food Bars and let me just tell you: I’m obsessed. The food bars are made from simple ingredients, with no crazy additives so you can feel good about consuming. (This isn’t a sponsored post, I’m just that much of a fan.)

In the spirit of saving money, I decided to recreate one of my fave snacks from their Fruit & Nut line. They taste almost like fig newtons and carrot cake had babies.  I ate everything I made almost immediately, so I’ll certainly be experimenting with this more! Hope you enjoy!

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If you’ve been reading my blog for a minute, it’s no secret I’ve been putting a lot of focus on making positive improvements. Each day I strive to be a better person than the day before, and with this blog I’m taking y’all along for the ride. Seriously, imagine that I’m e-holding your hand as we grow together.

I’ve talked a lot about mental wellness recently, but today I want to share some tangible, sustainable changes you can make to your routines–the bathroom ones in particular.

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HAPPY FALL BABES. Just kidding, I know we’ve technically got another month of Summer, but I cannot wait for it to be over. I hate playing the “Is it Maybelline, or is it sweat?” highlighter game, and I’m low-key as basic as they come with my pumpkin spice obsession. I’ll let y’all do you with the “summer is forever” state of mind, but I’ve never been more ready for chunky knits, good boots, and jean jackets! 

In preparation of the upcoming season change I decided to put together a little mood board of trends I’m looking forward to (or just living in general), and share a few of my goals for September!

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I’ve noticed in a lot of the communities I’m a part of that there’s a pretty negative trend going on lately, and I want to talk about it. Frankly, it’s probably been going on for years all over, but I never paid attention because I was actually involved in the negativity. I think the only reason I’ve started to catch on is that the positive mindset I’ve been working hard to manifest doesn’t leave a lot of room (or tolerance) for junk attitudes.

And by junk attitudes, I mean, people delighting in tearing each other down.

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Wondering how you can manifest your thoughts into a reality? Here's 7 tips for using the law of attraction and your positivity to your benefit. Click through to read more.

Wondering how you can manifest your thoughts into a reality? Here's 7 tips for using the law of attraction and your positivity to your benefit. Click through to read more.

I’ve had this post in my queue for a minute now, because I noticed a handful of bloggers writing similar ones, and figured I should shelf it. But ya know what? If something is “trending”, there tends to be a reason. In my opinion, we’re hearing about the “Law of Attraction” from all angles because: it works.

But what exactly is the Law of Attraction?

I talk a little bit about the idea behind it here, but essentially by focusing on the positive or negative thoughts a person is having, they can manifest into real life experiences. Basically: your thoughts become your reality. If you’re repeating something to yourself, that phrase will create imagery in your mind, which will affect you subconsciously, in turn influencing your behavior, then actions, and overall habits. Like energy attracts like energy.

Although I was already utilizing affirmations in my daily life, it’s only recently that I’ve fully started to employ the Law of Attraction. It’s kind of amazing when you approach life with a positive mindset, just how much starts to align (and in a short time)!

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