healthy egg sald

healthy egg salad

Okay I can’t even lie, before I’d made this I’d never eaten egg salad before. I’ve always associated egg salad with a gross mayo-filled gas station sandwich and there was just never any appeal. Last month when I was in the Toronto airport coming back from Paris I saw those sandwiches at every little side-kiosk, and texted my sister asking if I was wrong about my assumption, and if they actually tasted like deviled eggs on a sandwich. Now that was something I could get behind.

I basically became obsessed with trying egg salad, but because I really just don’t mess with mayo (seriously, just look at it guys), I decided to take it a healthier route. After a little trial and error I came up with this recipe, sans mayo, just for you. Let me know what you think!

Healthy Avocado Egg Salad

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In the beginning of December I took myself on a solo trip to Paris. If you missed the first part of my photo recap, you can take a look at it here. I definitely made the same mistake I did when visiting Kenya and took a little too long to get around to editing my photos, which is an absolute killer of motivation. Get things done sooner rather than later people!!

That said, it was nice to come back to these photos after taking a holiday break. It was like visiting an old friend, which frankly is how I think I’ll start viewing Paris every time I visit. While I may have not had the best time visiting recently (, the first time I went was amazing, and I cannot even pretend I won’t be back! There were too many little side streets that I noticed I hadn’t explored my last night in the 11th Arrondissement to not return!

Here’s the second half of my visit to Paris, both in pictures as well as a video I put together for ya!


parisThe river Seine.

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letting go

As we’ve arrived at a new year, and for many, a proposed “fresh start” (new year, new me, right?), I felt it was only apropos to share a post on how to truly move on. I’m writing this for anyone who has something they want to move forward from, whether it be a relationship (friendship or romantic), a bad job, or just a bad mental place they want to shake themselves out of.

The problem in this day and age is that letting go and moving on from anything isn’t as hard and fast as it used to be. Things don’t just disappear when they no longer serve you, but instead relocate to the recently deleted folder, to the archives, or to the stranger side of a friend request. No, moving forward from something takes a little more now. I decided to reiterate the mindset I talked about here, which I used to get over my loss from my break-in earlier this year, and hope these tips are helpful in general for growing forward/upward/outward.

letting go

Tips for moving forward:

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I think it’s pretty clear by now that I love me a good photo-dump. Sometimes words just aren’t enough, and photos definitely do a solid job of speaking for themselves (something something about 1,000 words..)! For that reason, I decided to put together a photo recap of 2016 in pictures, highlighting parts of this past year that I managed to capture.

Looking back through all of these, I realize that despite the speed bump that was September (getting stalked/harassed through NYC and then having my house broken into, boooo), I actually had a pretty solid year! It’s definitely important to look back and reflect, because sometimes we can lose ourselves in little things, and forget the overall big picture. Yea, there were some crappy moments, but dang if I didn’t do a lot this year!!

2016 in picturesJanuary. I don’t think this was NYE, but I’m sure it was (almost) just as good. I don’t really remember doing much in January, and I assume I was in winter hibernation mode.

2016 in pictures February. I went to South Beach, Miami on a long weekend trip with a friend. (I think we’ll go in Spring next time, February was cooold.)

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I think giving back and helping others is important year ’round, but I find that people are especially inclined during the holiday season. Sometimes though, you just don’t know how to give back, ya know? It can get a little overwhelming when all you’re thinking is “Where should I be putting my money? Who should I be helping?” There’s so many options out there, and unfortunately so many people who could use aid, that it gets a little hard to choose.

That’s where I decided to help you out. I picked 5 “topics” that I find to be pretty important to me, and then chose charities that fell within that spectrum. Everything I’ve picked has at least an A charity rating, and from what I found via charity navigator, actually donates pretty much all the money raised to their actual cause! Nothing worse than donating money with the intent of helping only to realize you’re just funding the CEO’s lavish lifestyle!

So here, if you feel like the presents you purchased just aren’t doing the trick, give back a little more this Christmas:

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Less than a week ago I got back from my trip to Paris, and now that I’m finally beating my jet lag (guys, it was so dang real), it seemed appropriate to share a little photo-dump with you all! This wasn’t my first trip here, but my first visit solo.

I will share that I’ve definitely developed a love/hate relationship with Paris, which seems to be the norm with everyone I’ve asked. I found that the Parisian attitude (rumored and also displayed) is very similar to that of NYC residents, in that it seems a lot of people are transplants to the city but in the same breath very irritated by “outsiders”. People largely don’t want to acknowledge non-French  (or French attempting) speakers, which I found to be a bizarre practice when a lot of revenue comes from tourists. At the risk of sounding “salty”, I suppose a location so established and popular can do what it wants, as there will always be more visitors.

That said, for whatever the Parisian attitude detracts, the city gives back tenfold by being gorgeous. Every turn presents you with something beautiful, be it a view, architecture, or just overall ambience. There were many times I just caught myself stopping to marvel at the age of Paris and its buildings. If only for the sights, I’ll definitely return.


parisThis is the view from my apartment window! The Eiffel Tower is located far back on the left there.

parisAnother part~

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I know, I know, you’re probably just here looking for Paris pictures. Don’t worry, they’ll be up soon! Listen though: I also know some of you definitely haven’t started your gift shopping yet (waiting for day after Christmas sales anyone??), and I also know some of you aren’t as lucky as me to be that annoying family member who might bring something from another country as a Christmas present this year, so I figured why not share some of my gift picks with you?!? You can find the three other guides that I’ve put together over here, including mom, dad, and that special guy in your life.

I decided to share the two gift guides for the free spirit as well as the traveler first because I’m pretty sure those are the trickiest people in the friend group to buy for (aside from dudes)!  I think they’re also the most fun though, am I right?



gift guides

We all have that one friend (seriously, you know the one) who goes against the grain a bit, and I felt it was appropriate to make a whole guide just for her, because we totally celebrate that friend! I’ve been eyeing up a salt lamp of my own and I just had to include it in this guide, because I feel like that free spirited friend always has at least one in their room, am I right? And if not, you should probably gift it to them.

1. Everything’s Falling into Phase Yoga Mat
2. Tropic of Cancer book
3. It’s Sedimentary, My Dear Necklace
4. Still Circle Tapestry
5. Aura Smudge Spray
6. Salt Trade Bath Infusion Tea
7. Good Vibes Only, Zen As Fuck Candle
8. Himalayan Salt Lamp



gift guides

This friend is probably always on the move, and you have to catch them when you can because you’re not sure the next time they’ll be in town (but when they are, I’m sure they’re a blast)!  I put this guide together with moving parts in mind, and things of necessity as well as fun things they can take with them (or things that will remind them of their travels when they’re home~). I’ve seen that book What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding being mentioned all over the travel facebook groups, so it was obviously a must-include that I’ll likely purchase myself when I get home, hehe.

1. All-in-One Travel Adapter with USB
2. There’s a Map for That Necklace
3. Passport Journal
4. What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding
5. The Adventure Begins Mug
6. Maps Desk Calendar
7. Polaroid Instant Snap Digital Camera
8. World Scratch Map
9. Mophie Portable Charger

Are there gift guides you’d like for me to put together?
For who?! Let me know below!

mini boudoir

Mini boudoir in Paris.

Sometimes you wake up in Paris and look out the window only to see this lovely view (with the teeniest Eiffel in the distance!) and decide that you’re feeling real fancy and want to shoot a little boudoir-style session… So you put on your cute silk robe, and do the dang thing. (The you I’m talking about is me, obviously.)

I had a lot of fun taking and editing these photos, and definitely think I’ll expand on it in the future. I’d love to do something like this with a model other than myself, but I suppose I’ll deal with that when the opportunity approaches (hint hint friends)!

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