My favorite holistic health hacks, to help get you looking and feeling better without modern medicine.

My top holistic hacks for better health.

Hope y’all had an amazing Halloweekend/fresh start of the month! This weirdo weekend/week combo with nearly 5 days of celebration combined with the new month starting mid-week has me feeling super out of wack. Not only that, I’ve found that everyone around me is starting to feel the effects of this bizarre weather that’s been coming in waves (#globalwarming).

Rather than just share a few of my fave tips for boosting your immune system when it’s feeling run down, I decided to stack up my top go to holistic health hacks. I’ve noticed a big rise in my generation choosing to reach for natural options over modern medicine, and with health insurance prices getting as insane as they are (ps, scoop that enrollment window while you can), it’s not all that surprising!
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7 tips to help you get your best skin yet, just in time for warm weather where you'll wanna be showing off more of it.7 tips to get your skin looking the best it ever has! Click through to read >>

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This past fall and winter, it seemed like no matter what I did, I couldn’t quite get my skin to cooperate. No matter how many masks or scrubs, eventually my face and body would start breaking out again. It wasn’t until I tried to really better understand my problem areas and the root causes that I was able to make leeway. To save y’all from all the trouble I went through, I’ve put together a list of my top tips to get your skin glowing, just in time for the season where you’ll be showing the most of it.

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letting go

As we’ve arrived at a new year, and for many, a proposed “fresh start” (new year, new me, right?), I felt it was only apropos to share a post on how to truly move on. I’m writing this for anyone who has something they want to move forward from, whether it be a relationship (friendship or romantic), a bad job, or just a bad mental place they want to shake themselves out of.

The problem in this day and age is that letting go and moving on from anything isn’t as hard and fast as it used to be. Things don’t just disappear when they no longer serve you, but instead relocate to the recently deleted folder, to the archives, or to the stranger side of a friend request. No, moving forward from something takes a little more now. I decided to reiterate the mindset I talked about here, which I used to get over my loss from my break-in earlier this year, and hope these tips are helpful in general for growing forward/upward/outward.

letting go

Tips for moving forward:

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flywheel experience

flywheel experience

Recently I realized I’d somehow given up on my health.

At some point within the last two months between the stress of moving (and trying to settle after doing so!), two jobs, and just life in general, I’d basically stopped caring about myself. I ate like garbage, slept nonsensical hours that were either too little or too much (I actually missed work shifts!! that’s never happened!), and started filling in the black hole stress created by drinking constantly. It wasn’t until I noticed symptoms from my autoimmune disease had crept up in full force in the last few weeks that I decided to take back my health. View Post

I’ve said it multiple times recently, but I feel like I’m in this weird transitionary phase of my life. At first I thought it was Mercury still in retrograde (does it ever stop tho) but I think it’s actually just that I’m trying to really “grow up” in a sense (what does it mean to be an adult?). That means reevaluating and making the appropriate changes necessary to make sure I’m living my “best” life, and I suppose change in general can bring about weird feelings. I’ve decided to share the tips that I’ve found to be most important while I try to make this metamorphosis into the best me:

tips for success

tips for success

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6 natural sources

I am a caffeine fiend. I mean full on energy drink guzzling, skull-splitting, withdrawal headache suffering, caffeine fiend. And I should stop. The deeper I try to dive into a healthier lifestyle, the more I’ve been trying to rid myself of things (as you would) that really don’t benefit me positively, mentally or physically. Thus, caffeine is on that list to go.

It’s one of the most socially acceptable “drugs” and while fine in moderation, there’s no reason I need to rely on it as heavily or as often as I do! I’ve made it my mission lately to try to find alternative sources of energy for when I need that extra push during the day (hellooo 2 pm, y’all know what I mean), so I stop reaching for the Red Bull. View Post

bentonite clay mask

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I’m feeling crappy, pampering myself is my go to. Usually, I chill out and do my nails while face masking and hanging out with Netflix.

A few weeks ago I bought myself some bentonite clay off amazon and figured now was as good a time as ever to try to it out for a homemade mask!

Well what exactly is bentonite clay??

It’s a natural healing clay mostly composed of volcanic ash. The clay has been around for thousands of years, being utilized largely for is detoxifying health properties. I’d been reading a lot about using it internally because it can help settle your body’s pH level, as well as aid your digestive system, but bentonite clay also has a lot of benefits externally for your skin, including: View Post

Easy DIY golden milk recipe, great for healing inflammation in the body. Click through for recipe!Easy DIY golden milk recipe, great for healing inflammation in the body. Click through for recipe!

Easy DIY golden milk recipe, great for healing inflammation in the body. Click through for recipe!

I’ve been seeing turmeric pop up everywhere on blogs and in recipes lately, and considering how healthy it is for you, I’m not surprised! Turmeric (and ginger, actually!) have a special component called “curcumin” that boasts a lot of great medicinal benefits. Curcumin has been shown to:

  • aid in chronic inflammation (which can help with gut health sooo much)
  • be effective in helping with depression
  • lower blood glucose (sugar) levels
  • improve skin
  • help with overall brain health
  • protect against cancer

And that’s not even everything. Crazy, right? Cardamom, coconut oil, and cinnamon also have great health benefits, making this is the friggin superhero of drinks. View Post