Since we’re coming up on “bikini weather” real fast, I figured I’d put together an inspiration post with a few of my favorite healthy instagram feeds, to help y’all to be your best you, both inside and out! These ladies have been a pleasure to follow along with, because not only do they live a physically healthy lifestyle, I’ve found that they really work on embodying a healthier mentality as well. When someone can really be that whole package, I find that they seem to just glow as a person, and push others around them to shine as well.

So, check out these chicas, give ’em a follow, and share your current faves with me below!


This rad mama not only shares some of the tastiest looking food, but has such real personality that you can’t help but wanna follow her. Seriously, go watch Jeanette’s instagram stories right now; I dare ya to not wanna be her friend, or wanna have your little play with her’s. Whenever I find myself looking for ideas for healthy food with something a little extra, I scroll on through her insta. View Post

instagram inspiration

Wednesdays are basically the 2 pm slump of the work week, so I decided to share some inspiration to help get you through! Here’s 6 of my current favorite instagram feeds that I’ve been finding myself mindlessly scrolling through:


1. @nikishabrunson

instagram inspiration

The first post of her’s I saw was this one of her flickin tha wrist, and I was like whoa, who’s this cool girl. Well not only is she pretty hip, she’s also healthy and inspiring, sharing recipes as well as health advice through videos and pictures on her feed. Would you guess she has a 16 year old son? I’m pretty sure I want to be her when I grow up. It looks like you can view her blog here (and you definitely should).


2. @liz_kamarul

instagram inspiration

So I’m moving into a new place pretty soon, and I found Liz’s feed while browsing the #smallspacesquad tag, looking for inspiration for a small homes (duh). This was the first picture of her’s I saw, but I seriously could not. stop. SCROLLING. through all her pictures. Her knack for textures and addition of plants to every room had me heart-eyeing everything. View Post