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I’ve said it multiple times recently, but I feel like I’m in this weird transitionary phase of my life. At first I thought it was Mercury still in retrograde (does it ever stop tho) but I think it’s actually just that I’m trying to really “grow up” in a sense (what does it mean to be an adult?). That means reevaluating and making the appropriate changes necessary to make sure I’m living my “best” life, and I suppose change in general can bring about weird feelings. I’ve decided to share the tips that I’ve found to be most important while I try to make this metamorphosis into the best me:

tips for success

tips for success

1. be honest with yourself

Start by being honest with yourself. This is a huge and important step. Are you the one holding yourself back? Are you performing at your best? Really?? Are you putting in 50% effort and expecting life to passively hand you back 100% profits? Growth can only come from self-reflection, and the only one who’s going to suffer from not giving it your all is you! So sit down and diagnose why.

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2. make yourself a priority

Now make yourself a priority. I’m not saying you can’t have friends. Have lots of friends! But don’t burn yourself down to keep someone else warm. You’re an amazing being; put effort into being your own biggest fan and nourish yourself before you go watering others.

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3. remove the negativity

Negative people, negative thoughts, negative energy. All of these things are toxic and in no way benefitting you or your growth, so cut em out! Have you seen a plant that’s got dying parts? You cut those off before they infect and kill the rest of the plant. Do the same in your life.

4. get more sleep

Our generation seems to suffer from this never ending FOMO (fear of missing out), as if something crazy is going to happen and you’ll miss it if you go to sleep at 10:30. Seriously y’all, nothing worth knowing about is happening, and if it does, I swear you’ll see it tomorrow on Facebook. Go to bed (at a decent hour).

5. mind your business

I feel like a z-snap should be right here. Social media has convinced us that everyone else’s business is our business and that we should be interested in what the Joneses are doing, but why? It’s really not improving my life in any way knowing Sarah and her boyfriend went to a concert at the new venue and Amanda got a new outfit. Refreshing Facebook twenty times an hour is only distracting me from other things I could be doing. Cut back on social media and offline gossip, and I swear you’ll feel better for it.

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6. remove failure as an option

If you’ve removed all the negative outside influence from your life and started truly making yourself a priority, this shouldn’t be hard. Allowing “failure” to be a viable end result stops you from pushing yourself your hardest, because it’s there as an option to fall back on. You may fall or slow down in your path, but don’t allow yourself to keep giving up as a potential.

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7. love yourself

Above all else, do this. Seriously, you get one you in this life. If you work on anything for this next week/month/year, make it this. You spend the most time with you! so make it enjoyable. Get to know yourself; forgive yourself for your flaws; work those affirmations that you are amazing and you are capable of anything, because when you’ve got your own back, you are, I swear it.

tips for success

Do you have any tips you think are worth adding?
What areas do you struggle in?


  1. Dominee June 27, 2016 / 11:51 am

    Great life tips. Especially #7!

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