5 ways I prepared to travel (internationally)

(Hey, this is a scheduled post while I’m traveling!)

5 ways i prepared to travel

Yesterday into today was spent flying to Nairobi, Kenya, and whoa let’s talk about nerves. My dad’s wife is from Kenya, and we’re flying overseas for a ceremony and to meet the rest of her family! He’s been multiple times before, but now my sister, my boyfriend, and I, will get to experience the country as well. I’m excited but also nervous, because Kenya is unlike anywhere I’ve traveled to.

I’ve only flown internationally once before, to London, and it was the least prepared I’ve ever been. I took sleeping pills without thinking… for a 7 hour flight! It’s hard enough being an American overseas without looking dumb by being all loopy for the first few hours after stepping off the plane.

Obviously, I wanted to avoid any mishaps like that visit during this transatlantic trip, so I took a few extra steps to make sure I was ready for my long flight!

  1. Stayed hydrated. I’ve been making sure to drink extra water all week, but definitely planned on doubling that on the plane! I tried to find a good hydrating face spray but failed to see one that was within the TSA size limits. I’d love any suggestions!
  2. Carb loaded. I read that supposedly foods that are rich in carbs can help induce the secretion of insulin, which in turn may help with the transition from one sleep schedule to another (essentially minimizing jet lag). I’ll keep you updated if this works, but here’s hoping, since Kenya is 7 hours ahead of Philadelphia!
  3. Picked out a comfy outfit in advance. No one wants to be scrambling for an outfit last minute, or worse, be stuck in an uncomfortable outfit for a long flight! I made sure to pick mine out in advance.
  4. Looked up in flight exercises. Anyone else’s mom put the fear of blood clots after sitting for a long time into them? Ok, well mine did, so I looked up some stretches to do while on the plane. I plan to do some ankle rollsseated knee lifts, and also just stand up every once in a while to pump some blood through me.
  5. Packed a neck pillow. I made the mistake of not packing one for my trip to Miami and I don’t think I’ll ever make that mistake again. A neck pillow is a savior.

5 ways i prepared to travel

Do you have any tips for flying you’d like to add??

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  1. Alice April 16, 2016 / 1:13 pm

    Hahaha my mum did too. My routine is pretty much the same as yours (except for the carbs, must try that next time). I also make sure to keep a notebook on me with everyone’s phone numbers written down, of embassies and my bank as well, just in case I get stuck in the airport or something happens to my phone and wallet or whatever, it’s comforting especially when flying alone.

    Kenya, that’s amazing! Hope you’re having a good time and taking lots of photos.

    • thegoldsister@gmail.com
      April 16, 2016 / 5:38 pm

      Oh that’s smart to carry a notebook like that. I’ll have to look up those numbers now that I’m here!

      And thanks! Definitely taking tons of photos.

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