about me


Hi, I’m Kate!

I’m a plant obsessed creative currently residing in Philadelphia, with my boyfriend Ryan, and a whole lot of plants. I’ve always had some sort of social media (hello, anyone remember xanga?!?) where I shared bits and pieces of my life, but recently I decided to just swan dive in and start The Gold Sister!

My blog name came about because I initially intended to make this a collaborative effort with my little sister, but she changed her mind. Instead of being The Gold Sisters, it became just one of us! All good though, because I’m kinda obsessed with the name as is (sorry Rach).

I look forward to sharing recipes, outfits, DIY, and just the general doings of my life. Let’s get to know each other!


xoxo Gossip Girl



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FOR ALL INQUIRIES, please contact me at thegoldsister@gmail.com.
If you think your brand fits my vibe, I’d love to work together and make some magic!
Media kits available on request.

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