call it a comeback


Ok, I guess a “little” hiatus turned into a long one, oops!! I didn’t realize when moving into a new place that you should set up an appointment to get internet before moving, because everyone else will be scrambling to re-connect as well. Lesson learned (with the longest week of silence, whoa)!

BUT I’M BACK NOW! And I’m hoping to change some things.

Not that I wasn’t being true to myself before, but I’ve decided I definitely have room to get more personal up in here… so I’m gonna. I don’t mean you’ll hear about Aunt Flo (I’ve never called a period that, ever) or anything too weird, but I realized I was being more candid and open about my life on my instagram than I was here, and it only makes sense for everything to line up. Lately it seems like I’m always doing something, and I see no reason to not bring others along with me~

I’m going to keep to a schedule of posting Wednesdays and Saturdays from now on, unless I specify otherwise (via twitter or instagram), so be sure to check back next week once everything is finally in full swing again! ♥


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