Learn from the lobster and cast off that shell (and your limitations) to free yourself up to change.

It’s no big secret that people don’t like change. In fact, I’m pretty sure we can all be in agreement that change is uncomfortable, very much in the way that a pair of overly shrunken jeans are uncomfortable, and we’d rather torture ourselves with something feeling not quite right than make an adjustment. View Post

Taking a look at my 28th birthday.

Yikes! They weren’t kidding about hangovers getting worse after you hit 25. I had hoped to have this post out a little closer to my actual birthday, but recovering from my birthday party (my boyfriend surprised me with karaoke!) took forever. Seriously, if any of y’all have tried and true hangover tricks, defffinitely leave them in the comments below. In case you’re scratching your head, yes I’ve started drinking again since this post. I felt that I got what I needed from my 6 month sober stint, though I wouldn’t object to taking a break again in the future! Everything in moderation.

Sucking at partying aside, this year has really shown me a lot of growth. View Post

off shoulder

Well dang, long time no see guys. Sorry to go all radio silence on ya, but sometimes a girl just needs a break. Not the kind of break where you take a lazy day to stay in bed and watch Gossip Girl with a container of coconut ice cream (although I have been doing that), but the kind where you regroup and just generally reassess what in the actual heck is going on in your life. View Post

Two valentine's looks, perfect for celebrating with a date night or with your ladies!

I decided to switch it up a little this month and asked my friend Bianca, owner of Toile, to help me pick some outfits for you guys to wear on Valentine’s Day! Her shop is loaded with some rad local talent (including her own pieces!) so this was fun to put together. We’ve got two outfits for you to choose from, so that whether you’re heading out to a Valentine’s date or planning to celebrate Galentine’s style (which, for those of you who don’t watch Parks and Rec, is for ladies to celebrate with their lady friends), you’re totally covered.

valentine's outfits
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mini boudoir

Mini boudoir in Paris.

Sometimes you wake up in Paris and look out the window only to see this lovely view (with the teeniest Eiffel in the distance!) and decide that you’re feeling real fancy and want to shoot a little boudoir-style session… So you put on your cute silk robe, and do the dang thing. (The you I’m talking about is me, obviously.)

I had a lot of fun taking and editing these photos, and definitely think I’ll expand on it in the future. I’d love to do something like this with a model other than myself, but I suppose I’ll deal with that when the opportunity approaches (hint hint friends)!

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black mock turtle


Have you ever met such a perfect pair of jeans that as soon as you try them on, you wonder how you’ve lived without them? Because damn if that’s not how the BDG twig jeans have me feeling.

I actually tried them on a year ago, and maybe I grabbed a different fit, but they just weren’t for me. I guess all the uphill biking to my new house has padded me in the right areas hah (I mean my butt guys, obv)!

Another how was I even living purchase I made recently was my camera remote. I could never take selfies unless I wanted to do that click-and-dash that self timer asked for, or I had to wait for my boyfriend. FREEDOM!

So far this fall this outfit has been my go-to staple, partially because I have to wear black all day for my job, and partially because the mock turtle neck and high waisted jeans make me feel sleeker. Plus, it’s easily modifiable: throw in a high pony to look even more put together, a flannel or oversized scarf to add a bit of grunge, or even a leather jacket to just look infinitely cooler, duh.

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easy monochrome

I was all prepared to take outfit photos in the all black ensemble I’ve been basically living in the last week, but the weather pulled a fast one on me again and it was just too warm for all black everything, with boots and a leather jacket. Instead, I decided to shoot one of my go-to outfits from this last summer, an easy monochrome look that looks just polished enough, without screaming that you tried too hard.

I never was a flats person, but I bought these at Buffalo exchange recently, and I’m kind of obsessed. They’re not the best for biking in because there isn’t much to them, but that’s okay. I’m not usually a small bag carrier either, but lately I’ve been trying to force myself to stop carrying a backpack and essentially downsize all the nonsense I carry around with me (literally and figuratively).

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blue cotton

blue cotton

You ever have one of those string of days where you feel like you’re unstoppable as all hell, and life just has to prove you wrong? Where you can’t find a shoe so you tear your apartment apart, only to experience the I-have-nothing-to-wear snowball, that turns into it-doesn’t-matter-nothing-looks-good-on-me, and suddenly you get to the oh-god-why-did-I-eat-that-ice-cream??? If you’re a girl reading this I know damn well you’ve experienced that. View Post