A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of not only attending Smak Parlour‘s Galentine’s event, but also speaking on the panel with a few other local babes! A lot of people who didn’t get to attend the event seemed interested in the info I’d shared, so I figured why not put it all together here.

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4 tips on how you can build up your confidence and become a stronger, more self-assured person, AND a #giveaway to help you get there! Click through to read and enter! 4 tips on how you can build up your confidence and become a stronger, more self-assured person, AND a #giveaway to help you get there! Click through to read and enter!

4 tips on how you can build up your confidence and become a stronger, more self-assured person, AND a #giveaway to help you get there! Click through to read and enter!A few weeks ago now was my 4 year anniversary of moving to Philadelphia. It’s been a wild ride, and also kind of rad reflecting on not only how much my life has changed since moving to the city, but how much I’ve changed as a person. I’ve been pretty fortunate to find the company of some of the best movers and shakers in this city, and I myself have grown into a fairly confident, independent person. It might come as a surprise to my current social circle, but that person is actually someone I’m still getting to know.

I spent most of my life being the awkward introvert, and it wasn’t till a crappy breakup forced me to reflect and realize I didn’t have to stay that way. There was nothing inherently wrong with the “old” me, but I suffered from the kind of crippling social anxiety that lets you get all dressed up only to wait (in the car, outside the event). You know how some people seem like they’re born confident, with that je ne sais quoi that commands a room? I wanted a fraction of that, and either had to figure it out on my own, or continue through life hugging the dang wall.

Even though I came into Philly often to party, moving into the city was a fresh start. I swan dove at the opportunity to find my voice with people who didn’t fully know the awkward me, and frankly: it worked. Sure, I feel shy sometimes, but I’ve never felt more sure of myself. In celebration of my 4 years in this city that helped me blossom, I’m sharing my four suggestions on how to build your own confidence, and a giveaway to give you that extra oomph. View Post

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HAPPY FALL BABES. Just kidding, I know we’ve technically got another month of Summer, but I cannot wait for it to be over. I hate playing the “Is it Maybelline, or is it sweat?” highlighter game, and I’m low-key as basic as they come with my pumpkin spice obsession. I’ll let y’all do you with the “summer is forever” state of mind, but I’ve never been more ready for chunky knits, good boots, and jean jackets! 

In preparation of the upcoming season change I decided to put together a little mood board of trends I’m looking forward to (or just living in general), and share a few of my goals for September!

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off shoulder

Well dang, long time no see guys. Sorry to go all radio silence on ya, but sometimes a girl just needs a break. Not the kind of break where you take a lazy day to stay in bed and watch Gossip Girl with a container of coconut ice cream (although I have been doing that), but the kind where you regroup and just generally reassess what in the actual heck is going on in your life. View Post


The last time I sat down and had a drink (a glass of rosé with Kim!) was when I visited NYC back in September, 6 months ago. I didn’t have an issue with alcohol abuse, but I felt like taking a break was right for me at the time. Somehow, I stubbornly made it this long without cracking, ha! I don’t think I’ll stop drinking forever, but taking a 6 month break after drinking pretty regularly since the age of maybe 18 or 19 (sorry mom!) was definitely eye opening. I’ve learned a few things in this time and figured I might as well recap and share with y’all. View Post

recapFebruary was definitely a weird month. It seemed to feel like it dragged on, but somehow also managed to fly by. I felt like I was constantly doing something, but don’t really know that I have too much to show for it. I guess that means I didn’t really make moves on the “busy-ness” I mentioned in last month’s recap post (oops)! That said, let’s take a look at some of the things I did do in February! View Post

january recap

I decided to bring back an old recap feature I had on my old blog before I switched over to WordPress. Instead of just doing a photo round up, I wanted to expand and really get into some of the things that I noted or enjoyed from each passing month. Not only will it help me share my thoughts, it’ll also help me really reflect on the positives (even when I might not have thought there were any)! I think it’d be a good opportunity for me to set an intention for the upcoming month as well, so I can try to stay focused and accountable.

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I think it’s pretty clear by now that I love me a good photo-dump. Sometimes words just aren’t enough, and photos definitely do a solid job of speaking for themselves (something something about 1,000 words..)! For that reason, I decided to put together a photo recap of 2016 in pictures, highlighting parts of this past year that I managed to capture.

Looking back through all of these, I realize that despite the speed bump that was September (getting stalked/harassed through NYC and then having my house broken into, boooo), I actually had a pretty solid year! It’s definitely important to look back and reflect, because sometimes we can lose ourselves in little things, and forget the overall big picture. Yea, there were some crappy moments, but dang if I didn’t do a lot this year!!

2016 in picturesJanuary. I don’t think this was NYE, but I’m sure it was (almost) just as good. I don’t really remember doing much in January, and I assume I was in winter hibernation mode.

2016 in pictures February. I went to South Beach, Miami on a long weekend trip with a friend. (I think we’ll go in Spring next time, February was cooold.)

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