recipe: simple cheesy taco rice

simple cheesy taco rice

You ever make a recipe and it’s just… not quite what you imagined in your head? But you spite eat it anyway, because damn you just put so much effort in making it? Yea okay, that’s what happened the first time I attempted this recipe. It just ended up so plain. I mixed taco seasoning with rice expecting something amazing to happen and instead it was just so blahhh (obviously).

This time, I added a few extra ingredients and bam, success! It’s real quick and easy to make, and best of all, it’s gluten free! I’ve been trying to stick to a gluten free diet lately because of my hypothyroid issues, so finding easy gluten free recipes has been really important for me.

Cheesy Taco Rice

simple cheesy taco rice


• 1 cup rice (I used brown)
• 1/4 cup black bean salsa
• 1/3 cup cheese (I used a taco mix)
• 1 egg
• taco seasoning of choice


  1. Cook rice according to directions till it’s almost done. It took me about 15 minutes using the Uncle Ben‘s kind!
  2. Add in seasoning and mix in fully. I added a bit more water to my rice here but that’s because I probably didn’t add enough at the start. Keep an eye that it’s not burning in your pot.
  3. Add in salsa, cheese, and the egg, then mix together. Don’t worry, the egg will cook!
  4. Cover your rice and let cook for another minute or two until cheese melts and you see the whites of egg in rice.
  5. All done!

This will yield about two servings.

simple cheesy taco rice

Happy eating!

Let me know below if you try out the recipe or if you have any suggestions!!

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