recipe: cinnamon turmeric golden milk

Easy recipe for cinnamon golden milk. Great for gut health.

golden milk

I’ve been seeing turmeric pop up everywhere on blogs and in recipes lately, and considering how healthy it is for you, I’m not surprised! Turmeric (and ginger, actually!) have a special component called “curcumin” that boasts a lot of great medicinal benefits. Curcumin has been shown to:

  • aid in chronic inflammation (which can help with gut health sooo much)
  • be effective in helping with depression
  • lower blood glucose (sugar) levels
  • improve skin
  • help with overall brain health
  • protect against cancer

And that’s not even everything. Crazy, right? Cardamom, coconut oil, and cinnamon also have great health benefits, making this is the superhero of drinks, clearly.

There’s a bunch of different variations for turmeric teas and milks on the internet that I was a little overwhelmed trying to figure out what to do, so I ended up combining a few (basically this one and this one).

Easy Golden Milk Recipe

golden milkgolden milk

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  1. In a small sauce pan over medium heat, combine your milk and coconut oil
  2. Add all other ingredients into the pan and stir, allowing to simmer, but not boil over
  3. Turn off heat and cover, letting sit for a few minutes
  4. Strain if using fresh ingredients (like I did with ginger), and serve warm!

Super simple! I had read that turmeric can be really bitter, which I hate, but the agave cut that. I found it to be really mild and kind of nutty. While looking, I discovered a few recipes for a golden milk smoothie which I think I’d like to try out next. At any rate, this is so easy there’s no excuse to not add this to my gut inflammation regime 🙂

Let me know below if you test out the recipe!
Anything else you suggest for gut inflammation?

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