recipe: easy pancetta summer salad

summer salad

If you follow me on instagram you saw that I went out to eat at Capofitto the other day. While there we tried their Capra salad, and I fell in love (I also fell in love with their pizza, seriously go try it if you’re in Philly).

Since eating out can get stupid expensive, I took it upon myself to recreate it (with some artistic liberties). I think this super easy dish will be my go to summer salad, and is likely to be a refreshing hit with others! I think the flavor combination is amazing; combining the bitterness of the arugula with the savory goat cheese and the salty pancetta, not to mention the crunch of the sunflower seeds.

pancetta summer salad


• avocado
• roasted sunflower seeds
(Capofitto uses sliced almonds)
•  baby arugula
• sliced endive
• crispy pancetta
• goat cheese
• red wine vinaigrette
(I used Marie’s, it’s gluten-free)

1. Cook pancetta in sauce pan till crispy. Break up into small pieces.
2. Toss ingredients together in a bowl with dressing. Serve and enjoy!

pancetta summer salad

Let me know if you give the salad a try!


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