I went to my first networking event!

my first networking event

This past Wednesday I attended my first networking event, ever!

I had recently decided to join the PHL Bloggers group (because I’m from Philly, duh), but wasn’t actively participating in any of their events. It’s one thing to engage with people on the internet in blogging Facebook groups, but another entirely to actually meet up with people in person! What if they didn’t think I was as cool as social media told them I was?!

networking event

I somehow convinced myself to actually attend the networking at The Baker’s Jar event I RSVP’d for ($5 for a mason jar of sweets and new friends?? sold). I biked to the location, and after locking my bike, almost immediately unlocked it to turn around and leave, because of a crazy fit of social anxiety. I’m so glad I forced myself through it though, because it was fun!

Chrystina, creator of the PHL Blog group, greeted me almost immediately at the door with the most welcoming smile. She pointed out where name tags were and briefly explained how everything worked!

The Baker’s Jar is the cutest little bakery, that I’ve probably biked past frequently without realizing, only maybe 2 miles north of my house! The concept for the bakery is that all the cakes are baked inside mason jars, so they’re perfectly portioned with “simplicity, sweetness and just the right amount of decadence”. (source) The decor inside featured a lot of succulents, both hanging and planted, which really added a nice touch of life to the already airy little space.

networking event

Everyone kind of milled around and made small talk for a bit, then we gathered into a circle, sharing the names of our blogs as well as what our niche was. I was able to meet a handful of new faces, as well as some that I’d already connected with on social media in the past, and I’m actually excited to see more of them in the future!

Despite checking everyone’s blogs, I think I talked to these ladies the most:

• Njeri
• Sarah (I actually met her years ago on a night out with my ex! crazy)
Melissa (she’s ADORABLE)
• Amanda

Go give ’em a look!

networking eventnetworking event Melissa & Chelsea (who I’m not sure I really talked to much)
networking eventnetworking event

Thanks again Chrystina for the fun event, and here’s to more in the future.

Have you ever been to a networking event? How was it?
If not, are you interested?

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