from you, to you—ways to treat yourself for Valentine’s

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Hey babes! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it seems like everyone is scrambling to pull together something cute for their significant others. While I’m in full support of DIY cards, I’d prefer to shower my love year round. For that reason, I’ve decided to share more ways to treat the other number one person in your life this Valentine’s Day: y o u r s e l f.

You don’t have to go crazy with your purchases, there’s something nice about paying a little extra attention to yourself every once in a while. Read on and let me know in the comments how you usually treat yourself.

1. Pamper yourself.

Everyone deserves a day where they can just pull their hair back, slather on a face mask, and paint their nails. I think most girls can agree that there’s something refreshing for the dang soul about giving your skin a little extra TLC while marathoning Netflix. I’ve shared a few of my own homemade face masks on the blog in the past, but try this one out for size:

• 1 Tbsp bentonite clay mask
• 1/4 c Greek yogurt
• 1 tsp honey

Don’t feel like your skin needs some clearing up, but want more moisture instead? Try throwing on a sheet mask. Seriously, totally worth it.

2. Slip into something lacy.

Ladies, tell me y’all don’t get an attitude overhaul when you throw on a cute pair of lingerie. Well, my friends over at Underclub sent me a cute bralette set to try out (and share with you), and it’s love.

Underclub is pretty rad, bringing you cute, curated designer undies right to your door on a monthly basis. You just complete a survey letting them know how cheeky your style is, and they’ll do the rest! If you’re not feeling down with commitment (but still want a lacy refresh in your closet), there’s also the option of a la carte shopping!

Wanna check it out for yourself?? Or maybe gift Underclub?
TGS readers can use the code “KATIEO15” at checkout for 15% OFF their order.

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3. Smell the roses.

Nothing can brighten a room (or your mood) as quickly as a fresh bouquet. It’s like nature’s little love letter to you, and it doesn’t hurt that they tend to smell amazing, no? During warmer weather I love to pick wildflowers and put together my own little arrangements, but you can also hit up your local market (Whole Foods has been my go to lately) for some fresh clippings!

I know roses tend to represent “love”, but maybe grab yourself some red carnations, daffodils, or a sunflower instead? They also portray love, and are a nice stray from the classic.

4. Be sweet with sugar.

Okay, I get that we’re all rationing out that little sliver of dark chocolate once a week because #diets, but live a little this Valentine’s Day. If there’s any time at all to cheat a bit (new year, new me what?), it’s definitely when there’s sweets in surplus in all the stores. Peanut butter cups that have been stored in the fridge are my go to sweet tooth killer, but I’ve been known to eat a few candy hearts this time of year.

5. Sleep in that extra hour.

I’ve been trying to stick to better sleeping patterns lately (like, who’d have thought 8 hours really does make a difference), but dang if letting yourself sleep in every once in a while doesn’t feel amazing. I’m not saying sleep an extra 4 hours and waste your day, but treat yourself, and hit that snooze button a few more times.

6. Netflix and chill out.

Put on your cute silk robe, your face mask I mentioned earlier, and chill out with your favorite Netflix series. I’m one of those people that can somehow marathon an entire series in three days, but if you’re just down to watch a few episodes (how tho?), more power to ya! Here’s some of what I’ve been watching lately:

• Shameless
• Riverdale
• Master of None
• Friends (for the 4th time)
• Black Mirror

7. Indulge in yourself.

Seriously, treat yo self. Don’t be afraid to order the large pizza, drink that extra glass (or two) of wine, or eat that whole chocolate bar. You want to buy the shoes? Then buy the dang shoes. Have you kept those books in your cart for a while? Go ahead and check out. There’s no shame in showing yourself some extra love once in a while!

Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to indulge, because I bet you friggin deserve it.

Are you a fan of treating yourself?
How do you like to indulge?! Let me know below!


  1. Angela Amores February 7, 2018 / 1:37 pm

    I love all these ideas. Going to have to Netflix and chill with a good face mask.

  2. Gemille Sleweon February 7, 2018 / 8:15 pm

    I love this list! We often forget to treat ourselves. We all need a little TLC sometimes.

  3. Shalama Jackson February 8, 2018 / 9:31 am

    I think you should always treat yourself regardless of the time of year. I think getting your nails done or a massage are awesome ways.

  4. Maryal February 8, 2018 / 2:28 pm

    I love the color of the lace! So cute and fun and colorful. Netflix and chill out is my go-to when I’m alone!

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