taking back my health + my flywheel experience

flywheel experience

flywheel experience

Recently I realized I’d somehow given up on my health.

At some point within the last two months between the stress of moving (and trying to settle after doing so!), two jobs, and just life in general, I’d basically stopped caring about myself. I ate like garbage, slept nonsensical hours that were either too little or too much (I actually missed work shifts!! that’s never happened!), and started filling in the black hole stress created by drinking constantly. It wasn’t until I noticed symptoms from my autoimmune disease had crept up in full force in the last few weeks that I decided to take back my health.

I don’t know if any of my readers also suffer from thyroid issues, but Hashimoto’s causes ridiculous brain fog which can make connecting even simple thoughts feel like I’m wading across a room full of quicksand just to reach an outlet (to turn that dang thought bubble light on). It’s hard. And by the time your body has reached that level of crisis, you’re achy, irritable, losing hair, and so so ridiculously TIRED (but forget trying to sleep, HAH). I knew I needed to do something!! I mean, I don’t think I’ve been this bad since high school!

Since it’s a big issue for autoimmune sufferers, my first step toward making a change has been to cut out gluten (again. seriously. bye good pizza). I also felt like if I’m gonna try to get myself on the track to optimal health, it’s important for me to take up a regular exercise routine to reduce any excess stress! A friend and I agreed two weeks ago to do the BBG workout together (seriously, check out Kayla‘s feed), but when I got the opportunity to try out Flywheel, I figured why the hell not! I bike basically everywhere, and assumed the class wouldn’t be too crazy.

WHOA NOW, LET ME TELL YOU: Flywheel kicked my ass.

The class was free, the opinions are my own.

My flywheel experience:

Ok so I’m not even gonna lie, I walked into the Flywheel studio in Center City like a deer in headlights. The staff was super accommodating (they’ve probably seen a lot of terrified deer), and immediately showed me how to check in on the iPad with the registration I’d made online. They asked my shoe size and provided me with spinning shoes, then saved the size on file! This way, if I go again, my shoes will already be waiting for me when I get to the studio! How cool. After I got all my stuff packed away in the lockers, a staff member showed me how to clip my shoes into the bike.

flywheel experience

From the start, our instructor Juliet showed me that road-biking doesn’t even come close to the workout of stationary cycling. Throughout the class you adjust the torque (or “torq”, as it says on the bike), which essentially changes the resistance level… and how much your legs burn. As if pedaling with the resistance isn’t enough, Juliet has us stand and sit for different intervals as well. After the first 10 minutes, I wanted to tap out, and that was apparently just the “warm-up”!

Not only did we work our legs to some solid dance music MUCH harder than I expected to, but near the end of the session we utilized 2 and 4 pound weighted bars (found at the sides of the bikes) to engage our cores, as well as our arms. I’ve never been more drenched in sweat than I was after that 45 minute class (and we’re in a heat wave, ok). I also don’t think I’ve ever felt more proud of myself! Damn if there isn’t something rewarding about not only completing the class, but knowing you got the whole body workout.

After class, I found an invite to take 5 classes at a discounted rate ($75 vs the usual pricey $130) in my inbox, and I’ve been struggling to find reasons not to take them up on it. In lieu of trying to be healthier, if I can swing it, Flywheel seems to be worth it!


Have you been looking after your health?
Have you ever tried a spin class?? What’d you think?

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