June Photo Roundup

In case you’re new here, at the end of every month I try to do a photo roundup of some pictures I’ve taken. I somehow forgot about my post rounding-up May (oops!), but you can see the months before that here! This month was a little stressful (guys, finding a house is crazy business) so I don’t think I took as many pictures as I’d normally have liked to. I will say though, SO MANY of my days this month have been spent outside. I’m so dang glad it’s finally warm enough to get out and about, am I right?


june roundup

• watching Steve take photos for a secret project

• a random tree in South Philly

june roundup

• the plant decor in Anthropologie!

• playing with virtual reality video games

june roundup

• mid-afternoon light

• mulberries I found around South Philly

june roundup

• from my nature escape from the city

• the back yard at Little Nonna’s

june roundup

• my friends send me plant selfies ♥

• sometimes a girl needs a new silk black robe


How did June treat you?
What’re you looking forward to in July?

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