Kenya, part two

In case you missed my past posts talking about it (including part one, here), I took a major trip last month to Kenya. Because I didn’t want to just make a single highlight reel post of 100 or so pictures (which frankly would’ve been easier on me, because I took so. damn. many), I’ve opted to break it up into multiple parts for you! Here’s part two:

kenya part two


Day 3

We started this day by heading to the outdoor food market, but it was alarming because I wasn’t really allowed to look around too deply; since Meru doesn’t seem to get a large amount of tourists, we were somewhat of a spectacle. I’m used to cat calling and unwanted attention from people in Philadelphia, but it was hard at times to deal with here, because you can’t really gauge a proper way to respond other than to just allow it. Men just came and stood or sat next to us without a word, and it was kind of like “Can we just confirm you’re not gonna touch me?” All that aside, it was still nice to look at what we could!

kenya part two
Just look at all that produce.

kenya part twokenya part twokenya part two kenya part two

That blue machine (I’m not sure what it is) is being carried on a MOTORCYCLE.
People carried everything on motorcycles out there.

kenya part two kenya part two kenya part twokenya part two
Seriously, everyone had a motorcycle. I actually asked if it was possible to rent one in the same manner as you might in South Beach, but the drivers are so reckless that it wasn’t an option. Forever green with envy.

kenya part two kenya part two

We paid a visit to the Ripples Orphanage and my heart basically melted into a million pieces. Ripples is a Christian organization that focuses on children that are affected by HIV/AIDS, as well as survivors of abuse. If you have the means, I strongly suggest you look into donating to their cause.

kenya part two kenya part two kenya part two kenya part two
The kids loved piggy back rides. This girl in particular was one of the most brilliant children I’ve ever encountered. She made a point to read all my tattoos and wanted to know the story behind each one.

kenya part two kenya part two

kenya part two
The kids were so amused by photographs of themselves! I spent half the time just taking portraits and showing the children how beautiful they were.

kenya part two kenya part two kenya part two kenya part two
The walk between the younger and older kids’ school was littered with goats and chickens!

kenya part two
When you walk into the older girl’s building, there’s a wall with drawings talking about “hope”.
I’m not sure if the children there decorated or if it was a donation, but it really drew you in.

kenya part two
The girls were working on making Chapati bread (basically a Kenyan tortilla/flatbread) when we walked in, so we joined. It’s a lot harder to roll dough out round than you think (or maybe I’m just really awful).

kenya part twokenya part two kenya part two kenya part two 35 36
That’s a propane tank.
They’re cooked in oil by hand, and I really have no idea if she has fingerprints left, but I’m assuming she doesn’t.

37 38 kenya part two39
Before we’d visited Ripples we’d passed a pizza sign, so obviously we had to stop and get some.
Not quite like home (I think it was undercooked), but it did the job~!



Day 4

We woke up early and met up with a bunch of Pauline’s family to make the trek to the Samburu National Reserve, where we stayed at the Sarova Shaba Lodges. The place looked like it had been built for Disney’s Animal Kingdom (or maybe it’s what Animal Kingdom was based off of?!) and was like a tropical oasis in the middle of desert. I don’t know if you can tell from all my photographs, but Kenya really had the most variation in terrain, going from mountains to desert, to what seemed like lush rain forest, almost.

During the almost 2 hour drive we did experience a little bump where we got pulled over; I think it was spurred on by the police believing they could get money from us, but they definitely didn’t plan for Pauline to be in the car with us. It was kind of phenomenal to see someone give cops a mouthful, but also slightly terrifying because hello, foreigners, pulled over in the middle of the desert.

41kenya part twokenya part two
Goats, everywhere.

kenya part two
Pauline’s niece, the firecracker.

kenya part two
kenya part two kenya part twoThere was a big buffet set up for us when we got there, and we were greeted by a flash rain storm.
It lasted maybe 20 minutes, but rained hard enough that if we arrived any later, our path in might’ve been blocked off!

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kenya part two kenya part twokenya part two

Right outside our room.
kenya part two kenya part twoMy dad actually lost (and found!!) his wedding ring while swimming in this pool.

kenya part two

Also right outside our room. Hello monkeys!

Day 5


We woke up early this day to go out on a safari! It was almost 4 hours long in a jeep with no roof so the sun was crazy intense, but at least I got some color. Watching the landscape change from desert, to lush vegetation, to mountains as we were driving was really sweet to see. I could definitely see how Disney took inspiration from Kenya for the Lion King (a Kenyan national park inspired a lot of scenery in the movie)! I also didn’t take as many photographs as I’d have liked (there’s only so many times you can photograph an antelope, ya hear?), but here’s a sneak peek!

kenya part two kenya part two

We passed an elephant before we even made it away from our lodge to go on the safari! Hello little baby!

kenya part two
kenya part two

kenya part twokenya part two

I was kind of baffled by the people who lived in the middle of nowhere. With no cars and no close town, I’m not sure how they survived? It definitely showed me how much I take for granted.
kenya part twoMaasai person walking.

kenya part two kenya part twokenya part two kenya part two

kenya part twokenya part two

Those little balls hanging down are nests! I was so infatuated with these trees.

kenya part twokenya part twokenya part two kenya part two kenya part twokenya part two

kenya part two

kenya part two



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(Clearly, I was.)

kenya part twokenya part twoWild boar.

kenya part two

kenya part two

I definitely didn’t take into account how much work creating a multi-part post like this would be, nor did I take into account how much details would fade from me if I didn’t write everything down in advance! You live and you learn, right?? I hope you enjoyed the glance into Kenya; I’m going to do one final big installation of the trip next week for you, I hope you’ll stick around to check it out!

>> Kenya part one can be found HERE, in case you missed it!

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