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instagram inspiration

Wednesdays are basically the 2 pm slump of the work week, so I decided to share some inspiration to help get you through! Here’s 6 of my current favorite instagram feeds that I’ve been finding myself mindlessly scrolling through:


1. @nikishabrunson

instagram inspiration

The first post of her’s I saw was this one of her flickin tha wrist, and I was like whoa, who’s this cool girl. Well not only is she pretty hip, she’s also healthy and inspiring, sharing recipes as well as health advice through videos and pictures on her feed. Would you guess she has a 16 year old son? I’m pretty sure I want to be her when I grow up. It looks like you can view her blog here (and you definitely should).


2. @liz_kamarul

instagram inspiration

So I’m moving into a new place pretty soon, and I found Liz’s feed while browsing the #smallspacesquad tag, looking for inspiration for a small homes (duh). This was the first picture of her’s I saw, but I seriously could not. stop. SCROLLING. through all her pictures. Her knack for textures and addition of plants to every room had me heart-eyeing everything.


3. @virgingoldcult

instagram inspiration

You know those cool kids in high school you always stared at as they passed in the hallway and you weren’t sure why you were drawn to them but you just were? Like you wanted to walk in the ghosts of their footprints down the halls because you felt like maybe you could figure out what made them so special? That’s how this feed makes me feel. It’s just the right mix of cult classics, sexy vintage, and present day alt girls to keep you curious.


4. @urbanjungleblog

instagram inspiration

If you’ve been following me for a bit you’ll understand why I love this feed. If you haven’t, go check out part of my bedroom situation here and here. But seriously, I die over plants. Look at these spaces!! I feel like I need to go buy 10 more new friends after looking at this instagram.


5. @tamaralich

instagram inspiration

I’ve followed Tamara Lichtenstein‘s work since I was in high school, back when all the OG tumblr kids were still discovering themselves via flickr. Her film photographs she shares are dreamy, feminine, and seductive, aided by an intimate eye and cool tones. They’re just candid enough that you feel like you’re in the moment, which I think is why she’s had such success. I sometimes get caught up just flipping through her pictures because they feel so personal.


6. @newdarlings

instagram inspiration

I actually found this instagram while browsing the #mywestelm tag! This cute couple’s instagram is just serious “goals” all around. Their travels and overall aesthetic will definitely leave you with wanderlust… or at least wanting their closet! Make sure you check out their blog as well, for a more in-depth look into their life.

What about you?
What instagrams are you currently loving?


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  1. Sarah Lyon June 22, 2016 / 12:11 pm

    I’m always on the look out for lovely Instagram feeds. These are great thank you xx

  2. Judith July 1, 2016 / 12:23 pm

    Thank you so much for listing Urban Jungle Bloggers amongst your favorite IG accounts! Never enough plants, right?! 😉

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