monday mantra: say yes to adventures

In case you missed it, last monday I decided to introduce a feature called “Monday Mantra”, where every Monday I’ll share an affirmation or quote that resonates with me that I’d like to try following for the upcoming week. Essentially, I’d like to start the week with positive intent, as an effort to keep that vibe flowing through the week.

That said, this week’s affirmation was inspired by my current travels:

monday mantra

I mean, how could I not pick this?! Right now I’m in Kenya, one of the craziest adventures I’ve ever embarked on. I think it’s important to view everything you do as some form of adventure, whether as big as a 21 hour plane ride (seriously) across the world, or even just saying yes to getting out of bed even when you don’t feel up to it.

When you start viewing everything as an eye-opening adventure, and when you start saying YES more, life will start opening itself up to you in amazing ways. I’m definitely going to be trying to stick to this affirmation this week, as I want to really make the most of my trip!


What affirmations are you going to focus on this week?
Share them in the comments!


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  1. Katie April 19, 2016 / 6:46 am

    Right now…getting out of bed but this week donating a bunch of toys and kid clothes I’ve been holding on to for too long!! Have fun in Kenya!!

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