monday mantra: wasting time

“Monday Mantra” is a weekly feature, where I share an affirmation or quote that resonates with me that I’d like to try following for the upcoming week. Essentially, I’d like to start the week with positive intent, as an effort to keep those good vibes flowing through the week! You can look at past Monday Mantra posts here, and if you’re not sure what affirmations are, I talk about them here!

Do you ever have those days where you lose track of time and spend hours doing something, but at the end of the day realize you have nothing to show for it? Where you swear you’ve been busting your butt being busy, but in actuality you’ve just been wasting your time? Basically, one of those days where you somehow got lost in a rabbit hole of social media? Yea, me either (not).

I actually had a whole different Monday Mantra post intended, but ended up somehow wasting away 6 hours and fell asleep before I could actually put my thoughts down, leading me to choose this new mantra for the week:

monday mantra

This coming week I’d really like to focus on managing my time better. If you know me in person, I’m very rarely on time. To anything. I’m not quite sure how I always get caught up in new little projects right as I should be walking out the door, but I do (seriously, almost every time I actually have to be somewhere).

I also need to really take a page from my first mantra and be better with my technology usage, so that I’m able to focus on more important things, like accomplishing the tasks I have at hand! There’s only so many hours, and while it’s okay to give myself a break here and there to relax, there’s no point in just mindlessly wasting away hours where I could be accomplishing something! I’m going to try my best to prioritize and plan out my day so I’m appropriately using time, and maybe even set alarms not just for waking up, but also for when I truly need to leave the house.

What about you?
What are you going to focus on this week?


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  1. Lesha May 25, 2016 / 11:14 am

    This is a good mantra, because it is so true. So many of us waste time on social media! – HilLesha

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