that new smell


Lately I’ve been working toward making changes and living a more positive life with intention, and in doing so, decided to free myself from blogger and my blog there that didn’t feel true to me. For the sake of starting over new with total transparency, I decided to share a few things about myself.

6 things about me.

  1. I graduated with my GED.
  2. I was born in Germany, because my parents were in the military. I haven’t been back since I was a baby.
  3. I have a diabetic black cat named George. He gets insulin twice day and is the biggest pain in my butt but totally worth it. (Usually.)
  4. I’m a fairly straight shooter who takes no shit, which sometimes can make me a bit unlikable.
  5. I have hashimoto’s, a hypothyroid autoimmune disease.
  6. I probably have more plants than you. Not kidding.


Anything about you I should know?
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