November 2018 mood, updates, and goals!

November mood board + blog updates.

Hot damn, how is it November already?!? It’s been a minute since I really sat and posted on here. If my past track record can tell y’all anything, it’s that I’m horrible at being consistent with sharing blog posts, and I won’t promise to be better, but we can cross our fingers together, right? Right.

catching up:

For the sake of playing a bit of catch up, I wanna share that since I last posted–I’ve moved! Only across the city, but my roof no longer is infested with squirrels (seriously y’all, there were a. dozen. squirrels. in my ceiling), and my new landlords are a million times more professional. Like, I sent out an email requesting a fix, and someone showed up 20 minutes later. WHAT?! Gold stars across the board (thus far) (knock on wood).

November mood board + blog updates.

I also decided that while dealing with the stress of getting the heck out of my old place, I’d put more focus on my mental and physical health, and kind of just spend the transitional summer period finding myself again. It was important to me that I was creating for the sake of creating, for enjoyment, and because I had something to say, not just because I wanted to fill up megabytes on the internet and sell my followers affiliate links. I think people can start to lose themselves while trying to compete with the oversaturated blogging field, and the anxiety of pushing out work was just too much to bother with on top of other stressors.

If you’re following along on instagram (if you’re not, hello) you may have noticed I’ve been putting more effort into really finding my artistic side again, and I’m SO STOKED on it. Self-portraiture was super cathartic for me in high school, so I’m hoping to latch on again, but for now, wabi sabi and all that.[click_to_tweet tweet=”For now, wabi sabi and all that.” quote=”For now, wabi sabi and all that.”]

November mood board + blog updates.

mood board + goals:

01. FASHION: Somehow while trying to find myself, I’ve also managed to find a fashion sense. Or at least, have attempted more so than in the past. I’ll probably expand upon it further at a different time, but rather than dress to hide parts of my body, I’ve started to dress to accentuate which really makes a huge difference. Who would’ve thought picking out parts of yourself to love instead of dislike would have positive results?! — This doesn’t have much to do with turtlenecks, but I’ve added them to my November mood board because I think every Fall wardrobe needs a set of neutral turtlenecks.

02. MAKEUP: Okay, if you’re following me on Instagram, there’s no way you’ve been able to miss my stories highlighting my obsession with finding the perfect shade of Fall lipstick. Rusts, burnt oranges, terra-cottas–I want them all.

03. JAMAICA: I’m taking a family trip over Thanksgiving week to Jamaica with my sister, dad, and his wife. I’m not really rocking the summer-bod (not that I really did this summer either, oop!), so I’m currently shopping for some cute high waisted bikinis. (Or one pieces. Maybe just a giant muumuu?) Whatever, I’m sure I’ll still have fun no matter what I wear! — Have any of y’all been?!? Please share your experiences in the comments below!! I’m debating if I’m brave enough to cliff jump, but totally down to spend lots of time at the spa just r e l a x i n g.

04. GROWTH: I’m not going to put solid numbers down, but I’ve decided that my goal is to get at least one person to join my little “tribe” every day. Twenty, thirty, a couple hundred would be nice–but growth in big chunks is often caused by a follow/unfollow pattern or by giveaways. It’s not sustainable. When you focus on just growing by one. solid. follower. a day, I think there’s a chance to really gain a lasting, engaging audience member.
[click_to_tweet tweet=”Huge jumps in growth isn’t sustainable. When you focus on gaining one SOLID follower a day, there’s a chance to gain a lasting, engaged audience.” quote=”Huge jumps in growth isn’t sustainable. When you focus on gaining one SOLID follower a day, there’s a chance to gain a lasting, engaged audience.”] 05. MUSIC: I was asked to start sharing playlists with y’all, so here’s the first for November, that I’ll be adding to all month. Let me know if you’d rather a big seasonal playlist, or fresh ones to look forward to every single month. I finally sucked it up and started paying for Spotify (WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG?!) and I can’t stop listening to new music.

November mood board + blog updates.

How’ve you been?! What’s in store for your November?
Tell me more below!


  1. emricchini November 8, 2018 / 4:23 pm

    I’ve been loving your self-portraits! They’re lovely and so creative.

  2. Melissa November 14, 2018 / 2:17 pm

    Such a fun playlist! 😍 I’m obsessed with Ariana grande’s new song!

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