A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of not only attending Smak Parlour‘s Galentine’s event, but also speaking on the panel with a few other local babes! A lot of people who didn’t get to attend the event seemed interested in the info I’d shared, so I figured why not put it all together here.

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November mood board + blog updates.

Hot damn, how is it November already?!? It’s been a minute since I really sat and posted on here. If my past track record can tell y’all anything, it’s that I’m horrible at being consistent with sharing blog posts, and I won’t promise to be better, but we can cross our fingers together, right? Right. View Post

Looking to grow a quality Instagram? I've put together my top tips, as well as my go to apps, to help you get your feed looking better than ever. Click through to read.

Looking to grow a quality Instagram? I've put together my top tips, as well as my go to apps, to help you get your feed looking better than ever. Click through to read.

“How do I grow my Instagram followers?” This question is probably one of the most commonly asked questions in pretty much every blogger or social media Facebook group that I’m in, and after writing out a response numerous times, I felt it was just worth expanding thoroughly right here. While I think people know what they truly need to do to grow their accounts, it seems they want followers to flow easily without any work. Who doesn’t though? Let me be clear–that’s not going to happen unless you’re out here looking like Alexis Ren circa 2016.

With the algorithm working the way it is, and how saturated the internet has become with thousands of people striving for the same e-jobs, you need to put in the work. I’m not saying go crazy, but there are things you can be doing to ensure growth, and I’ve shared them below!!

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Okay okay, I get that it’s easy to hate on Instagram‘s algorithm (does this even impact people anymore?) and complain about how hard it is to grow your follower count, but I’ve been wondering: are y’all setting your feeds up for success??

Whether people like it or not, part of the job for influencers and bloggers is to create visually appealing photos that viewers want to interact with. I’m getting tired of seeing people give viewers the equivalent of zoomed in, dim-kitchen-fluorescent-lighting plain oatmeal photographs, and then complaining about lack of engagement. Would you engage with that photo? Only for a pity like y’all, and I’d definitely unfollow if that was regular content (or probably never follow in the first place). Keep those boring photos for your stories, because I’m about to help y’all hopefully never take shots like that again.

This post was written with Instagram in mind, but these tips are able to be applied to taking photographs in general, which is important for those creating blog content! I included examples of some fabulous Instagram pictures with each category, so you can see exactly what I’m explaining. Think I missed something? Let me know below!

Need to improve your photography skills so you can step up your Instagram game?? I've got you! Here's 7 tips on how to start taking better pictures, and a FREE DOWNLOAD hashtag list of over 300+ hashtags to get more eyes on your new and improved content!! Click through to check it out.

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What’s that line? “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?” While I guess that’s true when it applies to copying an outfit or someone’s hairstyle, when you’re potentially going to impact someone’s Google rankings, it’s no longer as cute.

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Um, excuse me, apparently February 16th was my official two year blogging anniversary! A lot of people don’t know, but The Gold Sister originally started over on blogger in 2015. I kept it kind of hush-hush though, because the idea of sharing with the world made me so ridiculously nervous. I eventually realized I loved my blog name (I’m obsessed y’all), and the only person I was holding back was me by not diving in. So I bought my domain and started fresh on wordpress. You can see my very first post here.

I’ve definitely learned a whole lot on my journey thus far, and while I haven’t properly implemented everything I know, I’m totally in love with the process. In honor of even making it this far, I decided to share some of what I’ve learned with y’all. View Post

Lately, I’ve found myself talking to a lot of my peers about starting their own blogs. I’m not sure if it’s because blogging seems like a natural continuation of the creative fields they’re already in, or because I keep talking up how fun creating your own content is, but the convos come up on a weekly basis. So, this one’s for you guys.

I put together my top tips of things you should be focusing on if you’re considering starting a blog, or if you’re a newbie blogger trying to improve. These are things I wish I’d done, and some things I’m still working on! If you’re considering diving into the blogging world or just getting started, this might be helpful to you.

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5 tips for taking your own blog photos, so you can start creating content without needing anyone else's assistance! Click through to read >>

5 tips for taking your own blog photos, so you can start creating content without needing anyone else's assistance! Click through to read >>

While I’d definitely say it’s easier to have someone else help you take blog photos (blog boyfriends, you know who you are), sometimes that just isn’t an option. I’ve started dabbling in taking my photos myself recently (and people can’t even tell!), because I like being able to drop everything and get to business on my own timeline.

Seriously, sometimes you’ve got an idea you’re just bursting to photograph or a sponsored post you’ve gotta get up ASAP, and no help in sight. Don’t worry, I’ve gotchu! I decided to put together my top tips to help you start shooting solo, so you guys can get out there and start making magic all by your-friggin-self.

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