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DIY holiday decorations that have chic payoff with little effort required.

As much as I adore the holidays, I’m pretty lazy about putting up my own decorations. I’m down to watch Christmas movies any day of the month, and I’ve definitely already played Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” more than a few times (…starting in July), but there’s something about decking the halls that I can take or leave because it calls for actual effort.

In an attempt to be a bit more festive and a little less Grinch-y, I decided to put together some decorations that require very little work, but still end up looking stylish. What’s even more fun about these decorations is a bunch of the items I used were FREE. The hangers featured in one of the wreaths came from a local laundromat that was super willing to donate a few when I explained they were for a DIY, and the pine branches were spare clippings from a nearby Christmas tree shop! Y’all, my heart felt so full after receiving DIY donations, I can’t even write it out, but I’m gonna chalk it up to holiday spirit.

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My little sister is out of town for the week, and while normally this wouldn’t be anything worth reporting, I’m lucky enough to be borrowing her car while she’s gone. I’m in the middle of moving to my new apartment (I got a one bedroom! no more roommates!) so I was able to spend all day out in the suburbs running around looking for things that I want to put into the new place. I’m so excited to decorate I’m basically BURSTING.

If you’re friends with me on pinterest you may have noticed that I’ve upped my room inspo pins in the last few weeks, hah. I’m basically dying over everything boho-chic right now, which seems like a natural evolution considering all the plants I own. I figured since I can’t stop seeking inspiration from everywhere (I’ve followed a bunch of interior decorators on instagram, even), why not share my current decor wish list with you! I can’t wait to show you guys how I eventually decorate with a house tour~

current decor wish list

Wish list:

  1. Rohini daybed cushions • I’m thinking of making my own daybed with a couple stacked pallets, so how perfect would these be on top!?
  2. Alondra rug • I’m gonna try to snag a rad rug at our local Jinxed here in Philly, but the faded colors here are gorgeous. I feel like hardwood floor isn’t complete without at least one rug.
  3. Rattan hanging chair • Tell me it wouldn’t be cool as all hell to have one of these hanging in the middle of your living room? I already have one of those (two, actually) wicker peacock chairs, but this trumps those.
  4. Sailor’s mirror • My new apartment has mirrored doors on my closet, but I feel like having one of these tucked in behind some of my plants would look pretty sweet.
  5. Industrial mirror with shelf • While we’re talking mirrors, those old industrial bathroom mirrors with the shelves are an absolute DREAM. Can I just cover my place with mirrors? Just kidding that’d be weird.
  6. Faceted terrariums • The girl who just moved out actually left two hanging terrariums behind (which basically showed me this place was meant for me) and I could definitely get down with adding a few more on shelves and whatnot.
  7. Patterned floor pillows • Until I have the daybed set up (or the money to buy cushions, oop), I’m pretty sure people are just going to be sitting on floor pillows at my place, because I don’t want a couch. This one is cute too.
  8. White oversized throw blanket • I have a black cat, so nothing in my house will ever stay white, but I am OBSESSED with the idea of owning white bedding for some reason. A huge white down blanket and an oversized waffle weave white throw? Yes.
  9. Papasan chair • I don’t even care how 90s kid of me this is (we all had ONE friend who owned one of these) I need one in my life.
  10. Sawhorse desk • Hah, I actually almost attempted making my own one of these, but I feel like it’s easier to just buy a desk probably. Though how hard could it be to attach a board to two sawhorse legs?

What decor pieces are you currently lusting over?

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