Learn from the lobster and cast off that shell (and your limitations) to free yourself up to change.

It’s no big secret that people don’t like change. In fact, I’m pretty sure we can all be in agreement that change is uncomfortable, very much in the way that a pair of overly shrunken jeans are uncomfortable, and we’d rather torture ourselves with something feeling not quite right than make an adjustment. View Post

Taking a look at my 28th birthday.

Yikes! They weren’t kidding about hangovers getting worse after you hit 25. I had hoped to have this post out a little closer to my actual birthday, but recovering from my birthday party (my boyfriend surprised me with karaoke!) took forever. Seriously, if any of y’all have tried and true hangover tricks, defffinitely leave them in the comments below. In case you’re scratching your head, yes I’ve started drinking again since this post. I felt that I got what I needed from my 6 month sober stint, though I wouldn’t object to taking a break again in the future! Everything in moderation.

Sucking at partying aside, this year has really shown me a lot of growth. View Post