So sometimes your friends make really rad items and after spending a year silently lusting over them, the stars align with a sale AND only one more of said item available, which obviously means you have to buy it. Such was definitely the case with this Leela Moto backpack by my friend Lindsay over at Sticks+Stones.

I’ve been eyeing this bag since I first met her, but could never bring myself to make the jump for it, and now I wish I’d done it sooner! The bag’s asymmetry (a hidden magnet keeps the shape!) and studs give it a little edge, and the solid zip enclosure as well as all the inner pockets make it safe enough to wear to the club. It’s also pretty deep inside there, which is great for someone like me who feels the need to constantly have everything I own in whatever bag I’m carrying (seriously, I might need 4 lipsticks and two notebooks ok).

Plus, I kiiiind of love that I can throw it on with an outfit as simple as black skinny jeans and a nude top and still look put together.

(Note: I wasn’t compensated for this post in any way, I just think it’s important to support your friends!)

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