I think giving back and helping others is important year ’round, but I find that people are especially inclined during the holiday season. Sometimes though, you just don’t know how to give back, ya know? It can get a little overwhelming when all you’re thinking is “Where should I be putting my money? Who should I be helping?” There’s so many options out there, and unfortunately so many people who could use aid, that it gets a little hard to choose.

That’s where I decided to help you out. I picked 5 “topics” that I find to be pretty important to me, and then chose charities that fell within that spectrum. Everything I’ve picked has at least an A charity rating, and from what I found via charity navigator, actually donates pretty much all the money raised to their actual cause! Nothing worse than donating money with the intent of helping only to realize you’re just funding the CEO’s lavish lifestyle!

So here, if you feel like the presents you purchased just aren’t doing the trick, give back a little more this Christmas:

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