Setting December Intentions

If you haven’t been following for long you might not know this, but I used to have a feature called Monday Mantra where I would set my intentions for the upcoming week ahead. I decided I want to revisit this, but instead go bigger and set goals and just share my general thoughts on the upcoming month ahead. We can all look back together at the end of the month in a recap later, as well!

1 | Go to Paris with an open mind and experience my first solo trip fully. To some my upcoming trip might not be a big deal, but this is the first time I’ll have not only traveled on a trip solo, but done so internationally! I hope that I can rise to the challenge of any sort of fear or apprehension I may experience in the next week, and allow myself to enjoy this new experience wholly.

2 | Continue to create tangible art at least once a week. Creating things to share with you guys has helped me immensely in finding my way back to my artistic roots, and I hope to keep hold of that kite tail. Seriously, have you seen the DIY posts lately? I want to keep making things that I can be proud of, so that you can make things you can be proud of!

3 | Be better with my time. I think this is something I’ve included in every goal list I’ve ever made, but damn if I don’t actually want to be better with my time. After leaving one of my jobs I now have so much extra time in my schedule that I know I’m not using properly or to the best of my ability. I don’t want to get too deep on ya here, but I think I’ve been going through this phase lately where I’m more “aware of my mortality” and just how much of a waste it is to do nothing with the limited amount of time we have.

4 | Keep putting out an image that is true to myself. I plan to make a post that expands on this further because I think it’s something that is warranted, but I’ve noticed lately that social media has become so overly curated that there’s almost no point. I get that no one wants to be caught looking ugly for the whole world to see on a format that could potentially last till the end of time (not to scare you, but the internet will definitely outlive us), but damn if people are just completely losing their personalities in an attempt to look perfect. Every post is for a share or some ad promotion, and that’s not how I want to live. I’m a real person and I want to connect that underlying realness to your underlying realness, and I hope I continue to maintain that view no matter where blogging takes me.

What are your goals and intentions for December?