November mood board + blog updates.

Hot damn, how is it November already?!? It’s been a minute since I really sat and posted on here. If my past track record can tell y’all anything, it’s that I’m horrible at being consistent with sharing blog posts, and I won’t promise to be better, but we can cross our fingers together, right? Right. View Post

Dang, talk about radio silence over here on TGS. I feel weird pretending I didn’t just disappear from everything for over a month (except Twitter and Instagram stories, if you’re following along), so I’ll catch y’all up a bit before I jump into my winter mood board and 2018 goals.

(remember this shot, from Paris?)


Have you ever tried to take a nap and somehow end up hibernating yourself into a new dimension? That’s exactly how my blog hiatus felt.

I work in a high traffic transit bar in Philadelphia, and the holiday season is probably the busiest time of the year with travelers. It also happens to cross over into what’s a super busy blog season. Despite having entries lined up, spreading myself too thin meant something was going to suffer (and as such, something had to give). Until my blog is bringing in as much as my bar job is, the choice was pretty much made for me. #womp

Stress from work, missing my posting schedule, slacking on autoimmune disease care, AND seasonal depression all kind of combined into a massive mess that made it harder and harder to jump back in. That said, I’m ready to make 2018 my most productive year. I’ve honestly been feeling amazing lately, and can’t wait to bring some rad content to TGS (speaking of, did you catch the new header?!). View Post

I know everyone was talking about it for months (hello facebook), but somehow Halloween still found a way to sneak up on me. I’ve got a lot of costume ideas but don’t quite feel as festive and in the season as I’d like, so I decided to make a little mood board to help get myself feeling spooky. Or at least a little more haunted by the fun stuff and less haunted by daily life, if ya know what I mean (I know you do). I hope you can take a bit of inspiration from the witchy vibes I’m putting down and get into the spirit (I’ll stop with the puns).

mood board

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Feel free to leave some inspiration below as well!
What spooky songs have you been listening to this October??