So I’m not sure if any of you remember websites like Livejournal, but I not only blogged on there once upon a time (to no one’s surprise), I still maintain friendships with people from there. This past Thursday a friend who I’d been in contact with for at least 12 (maybe 13?!) years was going to be close by in NYC doing modeling work for fashion week, and there was zero chance I was letting the opportunity to FINALLY meet in person pass! (An extra note: there’s actually a group of 5 of us who have all maintained contact from around the age of 13!)

I somehow had off from both jobs, so I took a day trip up to NYC. I actually had the worst experiences ever with the bus (both ways), but all good! Aside from the nonsense bookending the day, I had a great time hanging with Kim, exploring the West Village (correct me if I’m wrong), and thrift stores! Here’s some pictures to prove it:

NYC day trip
I fell in love with Pret in London and it was imperative I made a stop. Can we get a Philly locale tho?

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