Okay okay, I get that it’s easy to hate on Instagram‘s algorithm (does this even impact people anymore?) and complain about how hard it is to grow your follower count, but I’ve been wondering: are y’all setting your feeds up for success??

Whether people like it or not, part of the job for influencers and bloggers is to create visually appealing photos that viewers want to interact with. I’m getting tired of seeing people give viewers the equivalent of zoomed in, dim-kitchen-fluorescent-lighting plain oatmeal photographs, and then complaining about lack of engagement. Would you engage with that photo? Only for a pity like y’all, and I’d definitely unfollow if that was regular content (or probably never follow in the first place). Keep those boring photos for your stories, because I’m about to help y’all hopefully never take shots like that again.

This post was written with Instagram in mind, but these tips are able to be applied to taking photographs in general, which is important for those creating blog content! I included examples of some fabulous Instagram pictures with each category, so you can see exactly what I’m explaining. Think I missed something? Let me know below!

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