November mood board + blog updates.

Hot damn, how is it November already?!? It’s been a minute since I really sat and posted on here. If my past track record can tell y’all anything, it’s that I’m horrible at being consistent with sharing blog posts, and I won’t promise to be better, but we can cross our fingers together, right? Right. View Post

girl power

Today was the Women’s March on Washington. In case you’re not in the know, the march was put together as a show of solidarity, a protest of inequality, a strong and peaceful demand for change, for freedom; it was a strong and resilient statement made around the world that we will not take things as they are. Seriously, go look how many cities had marches and tell me it isn’t mind blowing the powerful strength that is displayed in coming together peacefully with a common goal. Apparently it was the largest Inaugural Protest in history, with at least 50k people in Philadelphia alone!

I decided to put together a collection of songs that I felt were empowering and strong, to help us continue riding on that female strength. It’s a solid mix of new and old, but all of them make me feel that YES GIRL vibe. And all of them are performed by women. Enjoy! View Post

My little escape from the city the other day definitely felt like the beginning of summer for me. I always forget how much I enjoy driving around listening to music with the windows down until I’m actually doing it (I have to rent a zipcar, so I don’t get to drive a lot)!

I figured hey, everyone probably enjoys that, so why not put together a happy playlist for other people to listen to while out and about?! I think it’s a pretty solid mix of upbeat indie music (basically my go to music). Let me know in the comments what you think! And if this is something you’d like me to feature more often!

upbeat summer

Playlist link here.

Are there any songs you think I should add?
What’ve you been listening to so far this summer? Let me know!

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