january recap

I decided to bring back an old recap feature I had on my old blog before I switched over to WordPress. Instead of just doing a photo round up, I wanted to expand and really get into some of the things that I noted or enjoyed from each passing month. Not only will it help me share my thoughts, it’ll also help me really reflect on the positives (even when I might not have thought there were any)! I think it’d be a good opportunity for me to set an intention for the upcoming month as well, so I can try to stay focused and accountable.

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I think it’s pretty clear by now that I love me a good photo-dump. Sometimes words just aren’t enough, and photos definitely do a solid job of speaking for themselves (something something about 1,000 words..)! For that reason, I decided to put together a photo recap of 2016 in pictures, highlighting parts of this past year that I managed to capture.

Looking back through all of these, I realize that despite the speed bump that was September (getting stalked/harassed through NYC and then having my house broken into, boooo), I actually had a pretty solid year! It’s definitely important to look back and reflect, because sometimes we can lose ourselves in little things, and forget the overall big picture. Yea, there were some crappy moments, but dang if I didn’t do a lot this year!!

2016 in picturesJanuary. I don’t think this was NYE, but I’m sure it was (almost) just as good. I don’t really remember doing much in January, and I assume I was in winter hibernation mode.

2016 in pictures February. I went to South Beach, Miami on a long weekend trip with a friend. (I think we’ll go in Spring next time, February was cooold.)

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In case you’re new here, at the end of every month I try to do a photo roundup of some pictures I’ve taken. I somehow forgot about my post rounding-up May (oops!), but you can see the months before that here! This month was a little stressful (guys, finding a house is crazy business) so I don’t think I took as many pictures as I’d normally have liked to. I will say though, SO MANY of my days this month have been spent outside. I’m so dang glad it’s finally warm enough to get out and about, am I right?


june roundup

• watching Steve take photos for a secret project

• a random tree in South Philly

june roundup

• the plant decor in Anthropologie!

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In case you missed it in March, I added a feature where at the end of every month I’m round up a handful of photos to offer insight into what I’ve been up to for the month that just passed. This time around, I tried to snag mostly pictures that hadn’t been featured on my instagram (you should def follow me if you aren’t already~). As you may have picked up from past posts, I took a huge trip this month to Kenya (!!!), so there’s definitely a lot of pictures from there on here this time around.

april photo roundup

• an appetizer from Trout Tree in Nairobi, Kenya

• mural I saw on my walk home in South Philadelphia

april photo roundup

• view on our way to our safari in Samburu, Kenya

• the Alba Meru, where we stayed in Meru, Kenya

april photo roundup

• gluten free cacio e pepe I shared on snapchat

• weeds that I found beautiful (lookit that texture!)

april photo roundup

• my little sister during our safari

• a still life I pass daily in South Philadelphia

april photo roundup

• a view we passed in Meru, Kenya, near the hotel

• PIZZA! in Kenya! it was kinda doughy but still good

April was definitely a big month, if only because of the trip we took. I’m going to do a (likely multi-part) big post on it all, but guys, I traveled something like 30 hours to get there. How crazy is that?! I think almost every picture I took on my phone there I also took on my camera, just because I was afraid of missing anything!

I also noticed this past month that I really tried to notice the beauty in little things (the weed picture for example). I’d like to do a bigger post in the future and expand on this phrase (as well as highlight some pointers for editing and finding it), but there’s definitely beauty everywhere depending how you crop your view.


How did April treat you?

I’ve decided to bring over a feature that I had on my blogger account, and that at the end of every month I’m going to post a roundup of my favorite photos or moments that I managed to photograph on my phone from the month that just passed. Some you may have already seen featured on my instagram if you follow me (you should if you don’t!), and some you may not have.

march roundup

• lazy days in my room with my indoor garden

• playing with plant shadows on my bedroom wall

march roundup

• exploring near Rittenhouse with John

• one of the first visits to Tria! View Post