black mock turtle


Have you ever met such a perfect pair of jeans that as soon as you try them on, you wonder how you’ve lived without them? Because damn if that’s not how the BDG twig jeans have me feeling.

I actually tried them on a year ago, and maybe I grabbed a different fit, but they just weren’t for me. I guess all the uphill biking to my new house has padded me in the right areas hah (I mean my butt guys, obv)!

Another how was I even living purchase I made recently was my camera remote. I could never take selfies unless I wanted to do that click-and-dash that self timer asked for, or I had to wait for my boyfriend. FREEDOM!

So far this fall this outfit has been my go-to staple, partially because I have to wear black all day for my job, and partially because the mock turtle neck and high waisted jeans make me feel sleeker. Plus, it’s easily modifiable: throw in a high pony to look even more put together, a flannel or oversized scarf to add a bit of grunge, or even a leather jacket to just look infinitely cooler, duh.

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