An easy recipe for guilt free, vegan peanut butter cookies. Includes modifications to make them gluten-free!! Click through for recipe.

Easy recipe for vegan peanut butter cookies.

If you’ve been following along on my insta stories (hint hint), you’ve likely gathered that I’m all about cooking. My dietary restrictions have me sticking to a strictly diary-free diet (for autoimmune inflammation reasons), so I’m constantly trying out vegan or plant-based recipes I find, as they’re the easiest for me to manipulate.

When I saw my friend Steph share this recipe up on her instagram, I had to give it a go. Y’all, I’m obsessed. So obsessed that I asked her to let me share it here with you babes. These cookies are so rich and tasty that I’d be surprised if you don’t make them at least twice in one week. I even made gluten-free flour, so I can snack on them guilt free, knowing they’re the closest to “healthy” cookies that I’ll possibly get. Let me know below if you try them out! View Post