You ever meet one of those people that at first glance just totally rubs you the wrong way?? You immediately decide you hate them, but then you both start talking while in line for the bathroom and suddenly you realize you were way wrong and they’re actually awesome? Okay, so that’s how I feel about Tria.

I’ve walked past this place at least a hundred times since moving to Philly and given it’s location (I’m talking the Rittenhouse spot) I’d just assumed it’d be stuffy and so not my vibe. Well I was wrong. My boyfriend, John, and I randomly decided to stop in last week (and intentionally stopped in again this week), and fell in love. Their vibe is super chill and the staff are super attentive, but best of all, the prices are affordable while offering food that makes you feel a little fancy.

We tried a couple different things during both visits, but I think their Pistachio Herbed Ricotta Bruschetta topped with Lavender Honey (!!) and Chicken Liver Mousse are my top favorites right now.

triaUm, hello! I think I’ll have to try to recreate this recipe for y’all.

triatriaI love mixing the pâté with the mustard provided, but I think John prefers the shallot marmalade.


I’m pretty sure this might be my new go-to restaurant for happy hour snacks. Or for whenever I feel like treating myself to that fabulous bruschetta. I swear, it’s that amazing.


Do you have a happy hour spot that you’ve been obsessed with lately?
What’s your favorite item there?

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