Visiting: Ott’s Exotic Plants

visiting ott's

So when my mom had her health scare on Monday, I panicked about getting to the suburbs after work. Trains only go so late, ya know? Once I got out there how would I get back, and so on. I ended up opting to rent a zipcar and oh my goodness, how have I not done this sooner?! I didn’t realize how much I missed having a car until I was driving again. The process was super easy since I’d signed up for it months ago just in case (for moments like this I guess!). You just go online and look up cars in your area, then click the amount of time you want it for and boom, it’s yours. For 24 hours (…or less). Then you unlock the car with the little keycard they give you, and away you go. If you feel like trying it out, here’s a free $25 off your first ride!

At any rate, I ended up renting the car for a full 24 hours since I got it at 10:30 Monday night, and I spent all day Tuesday driving EVERYWHERE I’ve wanted to go but couldn’t sans transportation. The mall and Target were definitely included, but the main place I wanted to stop was my plant wonderland, Ott’s.

visiting ott's

If Narnia and Jurassic Park somehow had a baby, it’d end up like Ott’s Exotic Plants. I mean that as in every room you enter leaves you in major awe, and the place basically just seems to be living and breathing on its own at this point. There’s a fiddle leaf fig in the center of the multi-room green house that’s at least 40 years old and at least 10 stories tall (and also hard as heck to photograph, oops), and if you know anything about fiddle leaves you know it’s nearly impossible to keep them alive, let alone for 40 years. The floors have moss growing in the corners and some plants seem to have basically been forgotten about years ago, except they started to thrive in the humid green house rather than die. There’s probably every type of plant you could dream of, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Audrey 2 was hidden somewhere. I think every time I end up there I not only want to lay on the floor in the back room and bask in the elephant ears and fig trees, I also leave with at least $60 worth of plants (…sometimes more).

Check out some pictures of my favorite place and tell me you don’t wanna visit:
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SEE? Narnia.
visiting ott'svisiting ott'svisiting ott's

I ended up leaving with a massive golden pothos, a baby aloe, a rubber plant, and a couple ferns to add to my collection (would anyone want to see that featured?) hehe. I guess there are worse things you could be addicted to right?!? I also spent probably an hour there and managed to miss photographing the koi pond, massive bridge, and all the crazy cacti! Obviously I’ll need to arrange another visit ASAP to remedy that, ha!


Is there a place like Ott’s where you are?
Have you bought any fun plants recently?

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